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Comparing The Longest Day Directed By Andrew Martin And Saving Private Ryan Directed By Steven Spielberg

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Comparing The Longest Day Directed by Andrew Martin and Saving Private Ryan Directed by Steven Spielberg

These two directors were trying to achieve different goals, 'The
Longest Day' was made post-war in 1962 and when the war may still of
been in peoples thoughts and where many of the people who fought in
the war would still be alive. However 'Saving Private Ryan' was made
much later on in 1999, by then the world has gladly put this terrible
event behind it. Steven Spielberg is not as biased because his
audience now do not have the same attitude as in 1962, only 17 years
after the war.

I feel the aim of Andrew Martin was to achieve a film America would be
proud of showing it in its full glory and might. I think this because
of the fact that the soldiers who fought would still be alive so to
honour them as well.

Steven Spielberg's aim is totally contrasting, he is very much
anti-war and his film is made far more realistic then the invulnerable
soldiers in 'The Longest Day'. He also now has the ability to use many
modern features for example sophisticated special effects. Both of the
films were very good in there time because the directors made what the
audience wanted.

The differences between the two films are shown clearly in the beach
landing scenes. Both scenes show the same historic event, the Omaha
beach landing in 1944. However, the way the two directors depict this
event highlights the way Hollywood's portrayal of war has changed. The
first shot of Robert Mitchum's character in 'The Longest Day' shows
him standing above the rest of the soldier, this straight away shows
him as in control and a superior officer. Tom Hanks character when we
first see him with his men he is much more human and vulnerable for
example his hand is shaking and a close up of it is shown, also he is
quiet yet looked and respected a lot by his men, for example when he
talks to them he encourages them saying 'I will see you on the beach',
all the men pay attention to this and are positively influenced by him
I feel the reason why Steven Spielberg used this opening is to show
him and his men as normal people and to introduce the various
characters so that we can recognise and become 'friends' with the
characters seeing them as nice people who do not deserve to die, which
of cause some do and when they do Steven Spielberg wants us to feel
unhappy and sympathetic to there death.

Both of the main characters have always played well-known heroic
characters in their previous films and are recognised actors staring
in many movies before.

Both films start virtually the same way showing a long shot of the
invasion fleet and then in 'Saving Private...

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