Comparing The Maldives To Australia. Size, Government, Culture, Food, Etc.

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The Maldives and Australia are two countries that differ greatly from one another. The geographical, cultural, historical and economic features of these two countries are mostly different, however containing some generic similarities that one would expect from two settled countries.The size of the Maldives and Australia vary greatly. The area of the Maldives is a tiny 300 square kilometres, whereas Australia is a much bigger 7 686 850 square kilometres. The Australian coastline is 25 760 kilometres long, easily outstretching the mere 644 kilometres of the Maldives. Australia is much larger than the Maldives.Owing to the size of Australia (almost 25 623 times bigger than the Maldives) the population of it is substantially bigger (61 times bigger). The population of Australia is 19 546 792, and the population of the Maldives is 320 165. Australia is made up of about 96% Caucasians, while the Maldives is made up of South Indians, Arabs and Singhalese.The climates of the two countries are also quite different. The Maldives has a tropical climate of wet and dry seasons. The temperature stays humid all year round, at 21 to 32 degrees. The majority of Australia experiences 4 seasons, with warm summers around 30 degrees and mild winters at about 23 degrees. However, the northern third of Australia lies in the tropics, experiencing the same type of weather as the Maldives. This is one of the similarities Australia has with the Maldives.The religions of these two countries contrast greatly. The Maldivianreligion is Sunni Muslim, whereas the religions in Australia are Anglican 26.1 %, Roman Catholic 26 %, other Christians 24.3 %, Non-Christian 11 % and other12.6 %.The major similarity between Australia and...

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