Comparing The Managerial Styles Of Males And Females

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Comparing the Managerial Styles of Males and Females

Nearly half of the U.S. workforce is now made up of women, and women
are a growing percentage of the workforce in most countries throughout
the world (Robbins, 2005:18). It is common to find a
woman supervising or managing a group of men. This paper will
discuss the difference, if exists, between the managerial styles of
males and females. First, we will shed some light on the basic
differences in personality traits and competencies between men and
women, and then will analyze the different cultural perceptions of a
working man and woman, after that, we will discuss the interaction
effect of gender of supervisor and gender of subordinate on perceived
mentoring, and finally will discuss the selection differences in
recruiting men and women for a managerial position.

Differences in personality between men and women:

Intellectual Ability

There is an interesting pattern of gender differences on the various
cognitive measures. Women performed better than men on most of the
memory tests, while men performed better than women on most of the
executive function tests. The gender difference on memory is in line
with many published studies, but the gender difference on executive
function measures has received relatively little attention to date.

Socially, women are encouraged to be good mothers while men are
encouraged to work and protect family and to make money. Commonly held
views regarding men and women continue to suggest that women are more
committed to family than to work and that men are more committed to
work than to family (Cook, 1994: P85-95). Further, employers are
likely to view family responsibilities as a sign of limited work
commitment on the part of the employee (Fletcher & Bailyn, 1996, P

Emotionally, women can show greater emotional expressions, can
experience emotions more intensely and display emotions more
frequently, they are more comfortable in expressing emotions and
better at reading others’ emotions while men believe that displaying
emotions is inconsistent with the male image and they are innately
less able to read and to identify with others’ emotions and have less
need to seek social approval by showing positive emotions.


People selectively interpret what they see on the basis of their
interests, background, experience, and attitudes. The importantly
different perspective of such attitudes is the perception that
prejudice and unfair evaluation exist for women managers. That is,
even if one does not personally endorse a negative attitude toward
women managers, one may still believe that others in the work
environment hold such beliefs and treat them unfairly. the argue that
this perception of what others believe or of how others treat
managerial women, specifically when considered from the viewpoint of
managerial women, is similar to the concept of stereotype threat
(Steele,1997, P613-629)....

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