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Comparing The Marriages In "Holding Things Together" And "The Painted Door"

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A married couple may not always be the happiest couple even though it may seem that love is expressed in the relationship. Some marriages are meant to be while some are not. What causes a person to be dissatisfied with their marriage? Or how do external factors play a role on the outcome of a relationship? As for the case in "Holding Things Together" and "The Painted Door"; these short stories have a few similarities, but they also have many contrasting factors to take into consideration on why one couple is successful with there relationship while the other is not.

The first factor that both shorties have in common is the loving and caring qualities of the husbands toward their wife's. In "The Painted Door", John, whose married to Anne, devotes a lot of his time to working in the farm. His goal is to pay off his mortgage as soon as possible and wants to be able to buy nice clothes for his wife. He's takes his wife into consideration when it comes to her feelings. For example, "[John] tried to brighten [his wife].(Pg.232)" when she was upset about him going to his fathers house. In addition, when Anne didn't want to be left home alone , John said " If you're really afraid...I wont go.(Pg.232)" Similarly, Alfred, whose married to Mrs. Simmons, "carried roses for his wife and laid the roses in [her] arms.(Pg.211)" Not only that, but he's also mowed the lawn for his wife, and out of generosity; he "took the suitcase out of the trunk(Pg.211)" of his car so that his wife didn't have to do it herself. Obviously both husbands care and love their wife's.

However, the length of marriage is different. In "The Painted Door", Anne is married to John for seven years. Unlike in "Holding Things Together", Mrs. Simmons is married to Alfred for only two years; a five year difference.

Although Anne has been married longer than Mrs. Simmons, it does not mean that she is satisfied with her marriage. In fact, she expresses unhappiness about her relationship with John. She says that she "wanted to prove John for her unhappiness.(Pg.229), and that John is "uglier that he...

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