Comparing The Media Techniques Used To Present The D Day Landings In The Longest Day And Saving Private Ryan

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Comparing The Media Techniques Used to Present the D-Day Landings in the Longest Day and Saving Private Ryan

The heroism and bravery of those who took part in the D-Day has been
brought to the big screen from several perspectives. 1939-1945 were
some of the most horrific times in the broad spectrum of human
conflict ever seen by mankind with unmatched weapons of devastation
and the senseless slaughter of millions of lives both on and off the
fields of battle. The Longest Day (1962) is a brilliant rendition of
the famous D-Day invasion of Normandy. The film is quite accurate,
depicting the perspectives of all sides of the war involved in the
event. Multiple viewpoints give the film an objective feel, as opposed
to the over-glorified subjective view of Saving Private Ryan. However
the Longest Day lacks character development whereas Saving Private
Ryan (1998) follows the "plight of the hero". Zanuck's film still
manages to draw the viewer into the events that surround D-Day. The
Longest Day was released in an era where the public were still
grieving over the number of men they had lost, and so the film gives
the viewer the impression that the soldiers had a jolly good time
stepping off the landing craft and walking knee-deep to shore. The
Longest Day intentionally left out the brutality whereas in Saving
Private Ryan, the opening scenes on OmahaBeachclearly indicate the
brutality. Zanuck's film also lacked the deafening roar of artillery
and machine gun fire. In one case a general didn't even have any
armour or a gun, just a cane. At another point, a general makes a
crack at a soldier forgetting his gun. It neglected to show blood and
gore and the horror that many soldiers experienced. Those who got shot
had the privilege of dying instantly and painlessly, while in reality,
most soldiers died a slow, agonising death, crying out to their
mothers while at the same time trying to hold in their intestines with
their hands. One scene in SPR reinforces how death takes its time. One
soldier had his arm blown off, then stoops down to pick it up.
Spielberg has managed to give us a clearer indication of war merely by
using the latest technology available to him.

Camera techniques are imperative to each film. By using different
techniques, the director can create various moods, or change our
perception on the whole film. We would expect the techniques in Saving
Private Ryan to be more sophisticated, as it is quite a modern film.
The Longest Day is filmed and edited in a way, which uses the panning
shot so it is edited quite slowly. The camera is placed to show as
much action as possible. Zanuck has used the panning and aerial shots
to illustrate a large-scale action, without much personal involvement.
It is more respectful as it leaves out much dwelling on physical
violence of war where in...

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