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Comparing The Importance Of Being Earnest Films From 1952 And 2002

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Comparing The Importance of Being Earnest Films from 1952 and 2002

This essay is comparing the 1952 film and the 2002 film, ‘The
Importance of being Earnest’. This was first a play written in 1895,
by Oscar Wilde. This essay is going to express and show the
differences and similarities between the two films, using the play
script as a reference.

‘The Importance of being Earnest’ is about two handsome men, who go
bunburying. Bunburying is when people make things up, for their
convenience, and to get out and not be questioned. Jack and Algy do
this to be with the girls they love, the even lie about their names.
Earnest means to be truthful, to show your true feelings, and think
about the future actions, to be serious, this is why it is important
to be Earnest. But this is reverse psychology, as no one is serious in
the films.

The film ‘The Importance of being Earnest’ is a comedy or romance. The
film catches yours interest, with a good first scene. Also when Jack
and Algy pretend to be different people ‘Bunburying’, and it is hard
to keep up, this is very funny and you want to find out what will
happen. The second film starts with Algy being chased, making him seem
mysterious, and so you want to watch and find out why.

The films vary from the play, although some bits have been added in,
and taken out, to make the film shorter. In the 2002 film a lot more
new scenes have been added in. In the latest film, in 2002, Aunt
Augusta checks ‘Jacks’ name, and once again ‘Jack is not very Earnest.
The first film was a bit disappointing, due to the fact it missed out
a funny line, and said it very slowly; When Lady Bracknell is talking
about long engagements. Judi Dench said this line very quickly, unlike
Edith Evans, who stressed some of the words, making it a funny line.
Also in the first adaptation of the film in 1952 the language was very
like the original film and had two main scenes in it.

The only major change in the dialog in the two films, is how modern
the second film is, compared to the first film. The 1952 film has the
same language as the play, but has missed out some of the more
complicated words and sentences. The film is still hard to understand
though, as it is in a different style of modern English. Whereas the
latest version, obviously still based on the play, has been
modernised. But it has kept the older style of English in the funny
lines. The latest film also misses out some important lines and
scenes, such as; the sarcastic line by Gwendolen ‘You have filled my
tea with lumps of sugar.’ This is very funny in the first edition of
the play, especially, the way Joan Greenwood says it.

The characters vary in the two films, for example, in the 1952 film;
Jack is portrayed as he is described in the play. Jack is very serious
in the film, not how you would...

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