Comparing The Trajedy Of Romeo And Juliet And Misummer Night's Dream

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Have you ever read two books that are similar in many ways? Wasn’t it super easy to compare all the similarities between the two especially if it is about love. Many stories have the same outline of occurrences in the story and that's why they can be compared so easily. Know if the topic is love it makes it even easier because a lot of people like to see the same things in love stories, a happy ending. That’s why these two stories have so much in common. Some of the similarities between the first three acts of The Tragedy Romeo and Juliet and Midsummer Nights Dream are: in the first act that they both have a discussion of marriage, in the second act that they both main couples declare their love for each other, and finally in the third act both girls end up crying because there love has left them.

To start, both of the first acts of these two stories have people who discuss marriage. In Midsummer Nights Dream the two individuals that are discussing marriage are the people who are actually getting married, Hippolyta and Theseus. Theseus is really excited about the marriage and feels as if the four days till their wedding is a life time. While Hippolyta tells him in Act I scene i lines 7-9 page 20 , “Four days will quickly steep themselves in night; four nights will quickly dream away the time.” She is saying that four days will pass fast with their dreams and is patient about her upcoming wedding. While in Romeo and Juliet it is Juliet and her mother discussing marriage. Juliet's mother comes to her before their gathering and asks Juliet what she thinks of marriage. Her mother tells her that her father has found a worthy gentleman, Paris, to have as his wife. Juliet replies by saying in Act I scene ii lines page, “” This is Juliet saying that she will look at the gentleman and she will do what they wish her to.

Second, both of the stories in the second act have the two main couples declaring their love for each other. In Midsummer Night's Dream Lysander and Hermia telling each other that they love each other very much and that's why they are both willing to run away together. In Act II scene ii lines 47-50 page 68, “O take the sense, sweet, of my innocence! Love takes the meaning in love’s conference. I mean that my heart unto yours is knit. So that but one heart we can make of it.” This is Lysander saying that their heart are as one...

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