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Comparing Three Video Versions Of Macbeth, Act One Scene Seven

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Comparing Three Video Versions of Macbeth, Act One Scene Seven

The first video version that I am observing, out of the three
versions, is a production starring John Gordon Sinclair as Macbeth and
Louise Lombard as Lady Macbeth. This video appears to be modern for
the time in which the story is set. The second video production I am
looking at is a production by the BBC. It was created to celebrate the
anniversary of William Shakespeare. It stars Nicol Williamson as
Macbeth and Jane Lapotaire as Lady Macbeth. The purpose of the video
was purely to create a video version of the whole of Shakespeare's
play. The third video production I would be looking at has John Finch
acting as Macbeth and Francessca Annis playing the part of Lady
Macbeth. This production was directed by a man named Palinski and its
purpose to create a motion picture of the play "Macbeth". This was
created to enhance the experience of Shakespeare's play, thus, some
new scenes and new stage direction have been added.

Before Act 1 Scene 7, Macbeth is told by three witches that he will,
firstly become Thane of Cawdor and then the King. He has become the
Thane of Cawdor so now has his eyes on the Throne and he discovers
that there is only one possible way he could become King. He must kill
the king. However, as we discover in scene 7 he is having doubts that
he will carry out the deed. At one point he decides not to do it but
he is egged on by his wife, who almost takes control other Macbeth
completely. There are a few factors that play on his mind, such as the
fact that Macbeth is well respected and that the king is his kinsman
along with the king being his guest. He feels that the only reason he
can find to actually kill the king is his own ambition. After much
hesitation he finally decides that he will kill the king. All three of
the video versions depict the dialogue between Lady Macbeth and
Macbeth and show how Lady Macbeth convinces Macbeth to kill the King.

In the first version, the costumes of the characters are modern for
the time period of which the play is set. This version of the video
will be known as the modern version. Macbeth appears to be wearing a
twentieth century dress code. He is wearing a dinner suit under a
cloak. This form of attire would have been worn in a later time
period. It is an evening type of dress that shows his wealth. Lady
Macbeth is wearing a shiny, sparkling metallic gown, along with a
necklace. This outfit may have been used to show her wealth and
position. Overall both these outfits are very modern for the time in
which the play is set.

In the version created by the BBC, a contemporary feel is given toward
the costumes of the characters. Macbeth is wearing a very well
decorated outfit more suited to the time period than the modern outfit
found in the modern version of the...

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