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Comparing Two Advertisements Essay

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In this essay I have chosen to compare two adverts. I chose two from a magazine called ‘VOGUE’, I chose them as they both were linked by the theme of fashion but were advertising different products, this will help me show differences between the adverts but the fashion theme will help me to also highlight similarities. The first advert I chose was by a company called ‘Garrard’ they make fashion accessories such as leather accessories, silverware and also jewellery which is what they are mainly known for. The advert I chose has specifically advertised jewellery in this case a ring and a necklace. On face value the advert has a ring and a necklace laid on a picture of a of the U.K flag. Part of both pieces of jewellery look like wings and they are put into position so that the flag looks as though it has wings. The words rock hard are also on the flag this is a 'Garrard' logo which is also used on the website. At the bottom of the advert is the address of ‘Garrard’ shops, the website address and the ‘Garrard’ logo in bold letters. The second advert I have chose is by a designer called ‘Yves Saint Laurent’ or ‘YSL’, this company is known mainly for its perfume and clothes. This advert is advertising a new perfume fragrance however there are six people in the advert who are wearing YSL clothes but the advert is not specifically advertising them. On face value the advert is focusing on a woman surrounded by men the men are in suits and the woman is In a white dress at the bottom of the advert is the ‘Yves Saint Laurent’ logo and above this is the word Cinema which is the name of the fragrance. Also in the bottom right corner of the advert is a picture of the perfume bottle. These adverts attracted me as they were both bold and in your face so I was immediately attracted to look at them.

In the ‘Garrard’ advert the image of the British flag immediately hits you I think this is used to make a statement. The flag being on a white background makes the flag stand out also the fact that is the British flag is to make the viewer relate to Britain in some way. If somebody relates to something in an advert it makes them want to buy the item more so the British flag make this happen. Also the British flag relates to the designer’s nationality as the designer is Jade Jagger. As the flag reminds you that the designer is the daughter of a legendary rock star(Mick Jagger) it gives the advert a celebrity appeal this would appeal to rock fans or Mick Jagger fans so this again would give the reader something else to relate to which gives readers more reason to buy the product. The rock and punk element that surrounds Mick and Jade Jagger is again emphasised with the words ‘Rock Hard’ written across the advert. This implies that whoever wears this will look ‘rock hard’ and strong so the product instantly conveys an image of strength so would appeal to anybody who would like that image. Also the word ‘Rock’ obviously relates again to Mick Jagger’s music again...

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