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Comparing Two Different Ways To Study Religion

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Religion consists of different types of theories and approaches. Each and every one of us has our own thoughts and theories of religion. How did it start? When did it come to be? Why do people see it as a necessity? How has it affected our lives? etc.. As time progressed, we have come to see people mistreat those who have taken initiative. Those who have allowed themselves to create a bond with a higher being, allowing that being to become their master, and let him take charge of their life. This brings us back to the question of how this thought of a higher being or master came to be. When did the human race start allowing themselves to be lowered, and allow one to technically become their master? How did we, humans come across the thought of needing some form of a guide? Why? These three questions and many more have puzzled the human race for centuries. In the end result, many cases and views have come to be. At this point in time we are able to mix and match different theories and see how ideas fit together. The Subjective Approach and Evolutionary Approach are two of the most popular theories which explain the origins of religion. Though these two theories have their differences, they also have their similarities. These theories can be broken into different categories, which allow us to see how people have come to grasp religion through human need or human awareness. Both theories came from academic backgrounds, mostly from a bias point of view. The Subjective Approach was derived from philosophers during the late 19th Centuries and through psychological research it became a theories. This theory views religion as the turning point for humans...

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