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Comparing Two Great Directors: Roman Polanski And Pedro Almodovar

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Comparing two great directors
I. Introduction
What is mise en scene?
When speaking of movies today, mise en scene is a well-used term. If you want to translate it, I think the best translation would be “put in the scene”.
Mise en scene generally means everything within the shot, everything that the camera is showing. Mise-en-scene is all about the film staging, all that is visible in front of the camera and all its design included; trim, music, clothing, environment, camera movements, makeup etc. Every director in the world uses their own different kind of techniques when making movies, and it is very common that a director becomes famous and well-known just because of that; their own style of making movies. As directors worldwide are working in different ways, and using their own, special style, they also use ”mise-en-scene” in different ways.

Purpose with the paper
The purpose with this paper is to study and compare two different directors, and to compare and contrast the two different works. How are they working with their movies and how do they use mise-en-scene? By studying two different directors that uses different techniques when making movies, we are going to find out how important mise en scene really is, and how it affects the movie.

II. Roman Polanski
Characteristics of Polanski’s mise en scene
It is very important how you put things up on the screen. It tells the viewer what the movie is about. Every single frame in a movie tells the fate of the characters.
The director Roman Polanski likes to make a lot of scenes in his movies through doorways and windows, and the reason of that is simply because in that way, he creates a bigger sympathy with the audience, they get to see the films from the main characters own point of view. This way of shooting is called point-of-view shooting. Polanski’s purpose is to make the audience feel the characters emotions.

Polanski’s themes

I have only seen two of Roman Polanski’s movies, and the main theme that I have spotted in these two is isolation. Polanski’s films concern human isolation and all the problems therein. Polanski also likes to shoot his films with a ”point-of-view” perspective from the main characters.

Editing style and camera movement

Polanski often uses a subjective camera. The audience gets a feeling that they are there, they are with, but yet they also witness. With his camerawork, it seems like he always follows some kind of subject, like his camera is attached to the subject. It replicates the speed of human movement.

III. Mise en scene in Roman Polanski’s ”The Pianist”

Mise en scene in the movie

On several occasions throughout the film “The Pianist”, we get to see scenes through windows and doorways. As already mentioned, he uses point-of-view shooting to create a bigger sympathy with his audience, they get to see the film from the main characters, the pianist’s, own point of view. Polanski´s purpose is to make the audience feel the pianist´s emotions, he wants...

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