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Dale !1
Kristina Dale
Dr. Lovell
HIST 1301
6 October 2017
The Founding of Two Colonies
Finding land, back in the 1600s, was one of the greatest accomplishments a man could
achieve. In order to do so, one must go through a very lengthy process of getting supplies, a ship,
a crew, knowing where to direct his path, and much more. Although there are many ways to
similarly guide your new colony to prosper and flourish, many of these colonies took their own
path. Virginia and Massachusetts were two of the very first colonies to ever be founded. Virginia
and Massachusetts, both very successful colonies, took different approaches from different
leaders in whichever was believed to be successful.
One of the main differences between the Virginia colony, Jamestown, and the
Massachusetts colony, Plymouth, is the type of passengers they took on their voyage (Doc 9-10).
For the Massachusetts voyage, the passengers were a wide range in age. This ship was mainly
full of families, a minister, a clothier, and servants. Taking a widespread of ages was a challenge
at times. This was challenging because women had to care for their children and could not
always to the heavy loading, unlike the Virginia passengers. For the Virginia sailors, they focused
on bringing single, younger men. By having younger males, the voyage was much easier and
men were preferred in order to accomplish the physical demands. These men were looking to
start a new life, and what better way than moving to a new nation. The sailors brought two very
Dale !2
different lifestyles to the New World, and by doing this, different challenges came from both
The fatality rate between the two new colonies were incomparable. Virginia is a colony of
many imperfections. Diseases ran everywhere and killed almost half of the population just in the
first few years of settlement (Brandt). Virginia’s population includes many children, many single
parents, and many marriages. Many swamps were present there which created many diseases in
the water, leading to death. Many starved to death, from a lack of food and supplies. Having
diseases in Plymouth, many children starved and died from various diseases. Having these
complications was nothing the crewmen knew they were getting themselves into, but a risk they
were willing to take.
The climates differ tremendously in Virginia and Massachusetts, one being...

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