Comparing William Bennett's Leave Marriage Alone And Andrew Sullivan's Let Gays Marry

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What is marriage? For thousands years, marriage has been a combination between a man and a woman. When they love each other, they decide to live together. That is marriage. But what will love happen between two same sex persons? Will they marry? Is their marriage acceptable? It is the argument between two authors: William J. Bennett and Andrew Sullivan. The two authors come from different countries and have different opinion about same sex marriage. Sullivan agrees with the gay marriage because of human right, on the other hand, Bennett contradicts his idea because he believes that marriage should be between a man and a woman. Even though their theories are totally different, their opinions are very well established.

In Bennett’s essay, he does not want to support gay-marriage so he provides evidences as to why it is a bad idea. In his opinion, marriage is a connection of a husband and a wife. On the other hand, gay marriage is a damage of this society because he doesn’t think same sex marriage is actually a marriage. First of all, he believes “same sex marriages would do significant, long term social damage” (Bennett 177). At this point, I don’t agree with him because in my opinion, gay people do not harm the society except decreasing population in a passive action but it is not the main deterioration to be long term or significant. As everyone knows, beside gay marriage, abortion is also the hot issue of the world especially with the religion today. Why do they have to get rid of their “blood”? When they love each other so much, they get married or have sex before marriage (it’s very normal with teenager today), and then when the love is broken, they decide to abort or in other word, they want to kill their baby. So between the same sex marriage that just causes decreasing the population and normal love that causes termination, which one is more harmful? Marriage has always been the combination of a man and a woman. The function of marriage cannot change easily as the Bennett states “the function of marriage is not elastic; the institution is already fragile enough” (177). It confused me. In my opinion, everything can change no matter how long it is. If William believes that it is true, I think there were not many revolutions in the past to change the world and we cannot live in a modern world today without those revolutions. For instance, women did not have the right to study, to have a job in the past; they did not have the right to vote, to do what their spouse and their sons can do. Who knows in the future they may have the same right as men. They change everyone’s opinion about women. Who knows in the next 100 years, people will consider gay as a normal person and they will have the right to marry. If what the author said is true, I think this world cannot develop because in philosophy, they believe that the consequence of the developed world is the change. When it’s changed, it will be a higher level of civilization. So...

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