Comparing Men And Women's Football Essay

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Comparing Men and Women's Football
“The cultures of sport in Britain have been distinctly male, rooted in
masculine values and patriarchal exclusiveness” (Whannel, 1991). This
statement links to the fact that football has always been perceived as
more of a masculine game rather than a female game. The F.A backed
this up by banning the sport in 1921. In this essay using some problem
solving skills I want to establish an explanation to why women’s
football hasn’t attracted much interest in terms of both participation
and spectatorship. In section one of this essay, I want to introduce
women’s football, using important dates to highlight and reinforce the
sports development during time. In the next section, I am going to
reflect on the media’s influence on the women’s game as a whole and
how it can create certain stereotypes. In section three I am going to
discuss the theory of the role model in relation to the interest in
women’s football. In the penultimate section of my essay I am going to
use evaluate various problem solving tools to suggest certain
amendments which the governing bodies can use to attract more people
to women’s football, both in terms of participation as well as the
levels of spectatorship before concluding the main points of the

FIFA president Sepp Blatter (1999) pronounced that ‘”the future of
football is feminine.” This statement followed the success of the 1999
women’s World Cup finals in America. Women’s football hasn’t always
sparked such high accolades although it has certainly been present for
many years. In fact there is some evidence which suggests that the
first instance of women’s participation in football was during the
late Victorian age. The game, which involved one southern team and one
northern team, was played in 1895. Although this was the primary
recorded match in the UK, the women’s game was further developed in
terms of internationally in 1920, between an English team and a French
team. Whilst this was only the dawn period for women’s football, a
certain landmark was created during the same year. The largest ever
crowd noted during a women’s game amounted to 53,000. In December
1921, the Football Association (F.A) banned any female from
participating in matches at football grounds. Furthermore it was
quoted that “complaints have been made as to football being played by
women, the council feel impelled to express their strong opinion that
the game of football is quite unsuitable for females and ought not to
be encouraged” (the Football Association). Certain women’s teams
continued to play, however not officially, this had a detrimental
effect on the women’s game, had decreased interest. It wasn’t until
1971 when the FA council lifted the previous bar; however two years
prior to this the Women’s Football Association was formed,...

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