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Comparing Woodrow Wilson And Theodore Roosevelt

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Comparing Woodrow Wilson and Theodore Roosevelt

During the 20th century many different presidents went in and out of the doors of the White House serving the country the best they could. However, two of these men hold a place in American history as perhaps the greatest leaders that had ever served our country. Theodore Roosevelt and Woodrow Wilson are two extraordinary men that symbolize the hope and aspirations of the American people during such a tumultuous time in United States history. Both of these men held leadership qualities like no other, had strong views for America, and held exceptional ideas on foreign policy.
Theodore Roosevelt stepped into head of office on September 19, 1901 when President William McKinley was assassinated. He was the youngest man to become president. His motto was “speak softly but carry a big stick.” President Roosevelt would come into power offering America the square deal. He would take the power away from the industrialists as he controlled big business from the White House. He would soon become known as a TrustBuster. Roosevelt used American power for American interests and was quoted as saying, “I am an American first and last. “ Although some historians argue that Roosevelt acted like a six-year-old throughout his presidency and that he didn’t think things through, ie “he thought with his hips”, one can admire the tremendous leadership qualities that Teddy Roosevelt had. First, he was a very bold man who graduated magna cum laude from Harvard. The average citizen was aware of what a “positive, warm and tough, authoritative and funny” president that they had leading them. His leadership qualities stemmed from his time as a New York state Assembly man, a deputy sheriff, a president of the Little Missouri Stockman’s Association, United States Civil Service Commissioner, Police Commissioner of New York City, Assistant Secretary of the Navy, Governor of New York, and Vice President of the United States, which finally led him to be the President. His authoritative figure saved Americans from freezing when 250,000 of Carnegie’s coal miners went on strike. TR had threatened that he would send the government in to take it over. “To hell with the constitution, America needs heat.” Also, TR was an imperialist and a realist. He is most characterized by his aggression. This to him meant growth. He was a man of conquest and won power through constant attack. Secondly, President Roosevelt was known for his personal righteousness. Everything he did was what he perceived as justice. He was a “strong, clean-living, and industrious” man. Third, Teddy Roosevelt had a strong sense of pride. He was the first American president who was not British and was very proud of his diversity. Lastly, Roosevelt was known for being militaristic. He regrets he never had a big war. He thought that war was proof of manhood. He built the US navy to 2nd largest in the world when it had previously been the...

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