Comparing Worship Practices Of The Baptists And Roman Catholics

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Comparing Worship Practices of the Baptists and Roman Catholics

In this essay I will be identifying the main features of the Baptist
and Roman Catholic denominations and how they use their main features
in worship. I will also distinguish what these two denominations have
in common and in difference. I will finally say if their similarities
are less or more than their differences.

The main similarities between the two denominations are that both
Baptist and Roman Catholic churches proclaim the Word of God by the
use of the Holy Bible. In both denominations the bible is read on the
lectern in order for the word of god to be heard clearly. On the whole
both dominations believe in the same God and the life of Jesus Christ
the Son of God.

Another main feature that both Baptist and the Roman Catholic
denominations share in common is the use of the Pulpit. Here the
preacher explains the word of god to all the people attending.

The Pulpit in the Baptist church has a greater meaning and is regarded
as the central point because the main act of worship in Baptist
churches is based on the Bible.

The main differences between the two denominations are that in the
Roman Catholic places of worship, the mass takes place at the alter.
This is where the priest consecrates the bread and wine. It is known
as the focal point of the church.

The altar is also a table. Through the process of celebrating the Holy
Communion Catholics believe that Jesus is present when they are
celebrating. This is known as Transubstantiation. In contrast, the
Baptist church uses a regular table rather than an alter. This is
because they use the table for other purposes, such as meetings and
etc because the table to them is not sacred and so important.

The Roman Catholic Church uses an elaborate container to keep the
consecrated host in. This is then covered with a cloth. The Baptist
church on the other hand, does not practice the liturgy of the
Eucharist and so do not have a Tabernacle.

Both the Roman Catholic and Baptist Church use the cross as a symbol
of salvation. The Roman Catholic Church has the figure of Jesus on the
cross in order to aid them reflect the suffering and pain that Jesus
went through for them. The Baptist church has only a plain cross.

The Roman Catholic Church has a confessional box in order for the
people attending worship to be able to confess their sins in the
Sacrament of Confession. The Baptist Church on the other hand, does
not have a Sacrament of Confession and therefore it does not have a
confessional box.

In the Roman Catholic Church incense is used during the Eucharist to
symbolise the prayers of the people travelling up towards God, the
Baptist Church does not use incense.

The Roman Catholic Church uses Bells to draw all the attention during
the important...

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