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Comparing Yann Martel’s Life Of Pi And Lord Of The Flies By William Golding

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Life of Pi is a fictitious adventure novel published and copyrighted in 2001. Life of Pi was written by Yann Martel. Yann Martel has won multiple prizes for his writing, including the Hugh MacLennan Prize for Fiction in 2001. He also won the Asian/Pacific American Award for Literature in 2001-2003. Life of Pi was produced and made into a movie in 2012.
The novel has two sides to it, one being the story as it is being told by the narrator, and the other by the man the narrator is telling the story to. The majority of the book is the story being told by the narrator, but it is frequently interrupted by the listener. The listener describes his surroundings, the narrator's home. This tells the ...view middle of the document...

He tells many stories like this and discusses his faith. This is the exposition of the novel.
The rising action of the book begins when the Patel family decides to move to Canada. They want to take their zoo with them so they book tickets on a very large Japanese ship called the Tsimstum. They board the ship with all of the animals from the zoo on board and set sail for North America. The climax happens very quickly after the rising action which is rather short for this novel. The climax of the book takes place when the Tsimstum encounters a raging storm and eventually sinks. Pi, who was on deck during the storm, is placed in a lifeboat and manages to escape before the ship goes under. A few animals had managed to get out of their cages and had managed to get on the lifeboat with Pi. One was a zebra that jumped in the boat right after Pi and had broken its leg, another was a hyena that was rather vicious, and an adult Bengal Tiger named Richard Parker. An Orangutan named Orange Juice joins the group after the ship sinks, she managed to survive by clinging to a floating bundle of bananas. Pi notes that her presence is comforting because of the sense of humanity she brings as well as how maternal she is which reminds him of his own mother. At this point in the story, it seems that Pi is the only human survivor of the ship.
The falling action of the book takes place while Pi is at sea. He spends 227 days on the lifeboat. Within the first few days of his journey three of the animals die. First the zebra, killed by the hyena. Then the orangutan, Orange Juice, also killed by the hyena. Then the hyena, killed by Richard Parker, the Bengal Tiger. Pi is now alone on a small life raft with Richard Parker. Pi learns how to use the lifeboat's tools to help him and Richard Parker survive. As a vegetarian Pi struggles immensely with the fact that he must consume fish or he will die. Eventually he gives in and let's his instincts take over. Pi comes close to death a few times. At one point he is almost run over by a tanker ship that is much too big to see his tiny lifeboat. This event is extremely discouraging to Pi, and he begins to really lose hope of being rescued. He encounters another castaway as he is near death due to starvation, exposure, and dehydration, but the readers cannot be sure if this encounter was real of if he had made it up in his mind. During the encounter Richard Parker ends up murdering the castaway after the castaway tries to eat Pi. Pi later encounters a small island, but ends up leaving because he learns that the island is carnivorous and will end up eating him if he stays.
The resolution of the novel takes place when Pi is finally rescued on a beach in Mexico by some people passing by. Richard Parker takes off into the tree line before Pi is rescued and before Pi can get a chance to say goodbye to him. While Pi is in the hospital, he is visited by two men from the Maritime Department in the Japanese Ministry of Transport. They...

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