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Comparision Essay

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Throughout history the world has seen many idolizing leaders; who achieved massive accomplishments in their lifetime to make the world a better place. They might have not impacted us directly but they made changes in politics, attained freedom, and changed the lives of the people in their countries. The two independent peacemaking leaders I will discuss are Mahatma Ghandi and Nelson Mandela. Both were heroes, truly, and that’s the least I could say about these honourable men and the deeds they endeavoured. I will compare Ghandi and Nelson’s leadership qualities and characteristics and what caused them to become leaders? I will also address the similarities and differences in their ...view middle of the document...

for the whites and blacks. He was determined to destroy apartheid and intended on a future in which all citizens had equal rights and no more separation.
Mahatma Ghandi was more of a spiritual and peaceful leader. He wanted everything solved through the acts of peace and no violence. He believed in equality for everyone and wanted to end racial prejudice. After he was successful with his peaceful tactics in South Africa he soon departed to India and brought the same strategies in hope to fix the issues in India as well. It wasn’t as easy, there were many obstacles in India because of the British authorities; they were preventing him from merging his equality and fair beliefs to the Indian society. Ghandi overcame them step-by-step; it wasn’t easy, he had to go on hunger strikes and even to prison to achieve the freedom India had been yearning for so long. Ghandi’s leadership is usually explained as a “follower-centric” style, which means he took all conditions into consideration before making a decision. He also created a movement called Satyagraha, which is an act of total nonviolence. He believed in peace and achieved freedom and civil rights by abiding his own guidelines.
Nelson Mandela was encouraged with Ghandi’s nonviolent policies. He started off with peaceful strategies just like Ghandi and was part of many peaceful campaigns in the beginning; but unfortunately the state would always violently disrupt their rallies and eventually outlawed the formation of opposition establishments. That’s when Nelson Mandela took initiative because the non-violent protests were not succeeding with results. He wrote, “Land ruled by gun” because that was the only way to get his points across. Mandela was arrested couple of times and was in jail for twenty-seven years (that’s a long time). While he was in prison he took the time to transform himself and his tactics; he restored his peaceful ways and became a mature leader. Although he was sentenced to prison for the remainder of life, he got out because outside countries didn’t support that decision in 1990. He also received a Nobel Prize after his release. And in 1994, Mandela was South Africa’s first multi-racial president. Another interesting fact about Mandela is that during the Rugby World Cup in 1995, Nelson Mandela wore the jersey of the national team and walked out on the field in front of thousands of [majority white] fans and chanted his name “Nelson” over and over. This has been said to be one of the most...

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