Comparision All The Main Characteristic In The Two Plays"Fences," And "The Cuban Swimmer."

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All families have different lifestyles; in other words, every family always has its own rules, happiness, or adversity that people in that family shares together. Moreover, to help the young generation has a better life than the old generation, each family also has different ways to raise its next generation. In the plays "Fences," and "The Cuban Swimmer," all the main characters had similar family conditions and adversities, but each one had different ways to achieve the American dream of success.In "Fences," Troy Maxson was so poor after he got out of prison that he began his family life at that bottom. During the fifteen years in prison, he became a professional baseball player; however, it did not help him later in his normal life. In addition, as a colored person, he was always being discriminated against while he was a baseball player, or a laborer in his current job. Therefore, he could not get a good job to get a better life for his family. From his own experiences, he wanted Cory, who was his son, to get out of this vicious circle. As Troy said: " I don't want him to be like me! I want him to move as far away from my life as he can get... I wish him that. But I don't wish him a thing else from my life. I decided seventeen years ago that boy wasn't getting involved in no sport. Not after what they did to me in the sports"(p810). According to what he thought and seemed right to him, Troy tried to make his son study and work only, and not to become a football player as Cory wished. Troy did not care about the talents that Cory had, and he even told Cory's coach that Cory would not be allowed to playing football. Troy did not give his son a chance, the support, or the will to succeed; and he did not know that his decision would affect his son's future.The Suarez family in "The Cuban Swimmer" also had a difficult time when they arrived in the United States. Eduardo and his wife escaped from their country with their empty hands. Finally, with the American dream of success, they not only built up their life in the United States, but also wanted their children to have more success than they did. Eduardo was not a swimmer himself, but he had a strongly desire to succeed. He conveyed this will to his daughter, Margarita, and tried to help her to become a professional swimmer by being her coach. First, he pushed her so hard to swim, even when she felt exhausted, he did not allow her to even have a break. Second, although his family got insult from the American's TV station because they were Cuban American, Eduardo did not give up his goal or stop Margarita from swimming, rather, he pushed Margarita to swim faster. Eduardo especially cared about his daughter's concentration, so that he did not allow anyone to bother her while she was swimming. As he yelled: "Shut up! All of you! Do you want to break her concentration? Is that what you are after? Eh? Swim is rhythm and concentration. You win a race aqui ...Uno...dos...You must win"(p387). He did not...

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