Comparision Of The Wife Of Bath And The Fairy Queen

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Comparing two women indeed gives you, as an individual, a peek into each woman’s life. At times you may discover that they are very similar, while other times you may discover shocking differences. When comparing the Wife of Bath, an older pilgrim traveling to Canterbury, and the Fairy Queen, a beautiful and supernatural woman, we uncover distinct similarities and differences in their lives. We notice similarities in the way they view a relationship and their manipulative behaviors. Yet we notice differences in their actions, previous relationships and the necessity for their relationships, and their general appearance. Both women desire control in their relationship yet handle their relationship differently than the other. Each woman shows a unique way of handling situations and possess differing qualities.
The Wife of Bath and the Fairy Queen are controlling in their relationships with men. The Wife believes a happy match is one in which the woman has control and sovereignty over the man. In her prologue she tells of her husbands and how she always had control over them, it was a necessity for her to enjoy life. The norm in society was for the wife to submit to her husband, as clearly stated in the Bible; the wife denied this and ran her life apart from the norm. The Wife’s tale clarifies her belief that women should control the man in a marriage. In her tale, a knight is given one year in which to figure out what women want most in a marriage. Toward the end of the year, the knight talks to an old woman who says she will give him the answer if he will grant her one request. The old woman gives the knight his answer “Wommen desire to have sovereinetee as wel over hir housbonde as hir love, and for to been in maistrye him above.” (Chaucer, 1044-1046). Because the old woman gave the knight the answer he has been searching for, the knight now needs to grant her wish, marriage. In the end of the story the knight gives the old woman the control and discovers happiness. Therefore, the Wife contends that a happy marriage is one in which the woman is in control over the husband.
Similarly, we find instances when the Fairy Queen controls Lanval in their relationship. The Fairy demanded “You must never tell anyone about the love that you have won” (France, 141-142). Here we see the Fairy demanding her secrecy; he will never see her again if he speaks of her. We also see the Fairy telling Lanval what to do, she speaks “Rise up, Ami. You may no longer stay with me. Get on you way; I shall remain.” (France, 155-157). This seems peculiar that she tells him what to do in these two instances; it shows the Fairy controls Lanval. We also see the Fairy rescuing Lanval; this seems odd because rescuing is the typical ‘male responsibility’. At the end of the story the Fairy tells the King that Lanval is innocent, consequently Lanval is set free and “swiftly sprang the horse to straddle and sat behind her on the saddle” (France, 637-638)....

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