Comparision Of Gothic Cathedral Architecture Of England And Europe

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Gothic architecture refers to the styles of buildings from late 1100 to 1500. This period of architecture produced many tall and inspirational structures such as those in the cathedrals that rose up throughout Europe during that time. The structural improvements and innovative methods for increasing strength and beauty in cathedrals during the Gothic period enabled them to be built taller lighter and more airy giving them an air of the divine.For this project we will discuss and compare and contrast the three Gothic architectural styles of three cathedrals in England and Europe.The first is the Canterbury Cathedral in Canterbury, England. The total length of this magnificent structure is 540 feet in total length and at its highest point (the Bell Harry Tower), is 235 feet tall. From the early Saxon cathedral it was before being destroyed by fire in 1067, the Canterbury Cathedral now boasts a mixture of architectural styles from the Romanesque style to the Gothic. The gothic styles within the Canterbury Cathedral were the 14th and 15th additions. They include the Bell Harry Tower, the nave and the cloisters which are in the Perpendicular Gothic architectural style. Credit for the magnificent architectural designs that make up the whole of the cathedral can not be claimed by one architect or builder as there were many involved in the structure as it appears today. Like all Gothic architecture, the pointed arches throughout the Canterbury Cathedral give strength and stability to the roof. This also gave them the ability to make the walls lighter.One of the extraordinary sections of the cathedras is the magnificent fan vaulting displayed in the in the interior of Bell Harry Tower. The vaulting gives the appearance of fans crossing over one another. In the Nave the ribbed vaulting along the columns functionally assist the columns to support weight. The lacey appearance of the ribs outlines and decorates the vaults unifying them with the columns. The Great Cloister or great corridor connects with the Nave, Chapter and Library. Covered and decorated with ornately patterned bars used to support windows, it is decorated with ornate stoneworkLooking westward in the Trinity Chapel the innovative flying buttresses made famous by Gothic architects can be seen as they give support and prevent collapse of the arches. The Trinity Chapel is also the location of the ornate stained glass windows faced with gold and decorated with jewels. These windows, the oldest of which shows Adam delving, date back to the late 12th and early 13th centuries. The windows in the Trinity Chapel are called "The Miracle Windows," and depict stories of people who made the pilgrimage to the cathedral, to be healed at St. Thomas Becket's hand.Canterbury Cathedral, rich in English Gothic (Perpendicular) architecture is one of the oldest and most well known cathedrals of its time.The next Gothic cathedral we discuss is the Peterborough Cathedral. The Peterborough Cathedral was build during...

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