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Comparision Of Two Countries, India & Canada... How They Are Different And Where You Would Prefer To Live...

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Comparative ReportCanada is one of the largest countries in the world with a climate that ranges from arctic to mild with moderate summers and long, cold winters. Canada is a constitutional monarchy with a bilingual federal system, a parliamentary form of government and strong democratic traditions. Canada has immense mineral resources, it is the world's largest producer of asbestos, nickel, zinc and silver. Canada is also heavily industrialized and the subsequent emissions add to the acid rain, which in turn has eroded many lakes.India is the largest country in South Asia covering over three million square kilometers from the Himalayas in the north to the Indian Ocean in the south. The country is susceptible to the monsoon season with some areas suffering particularly badly from the heavy rains, which inevitably has an impact on the prosperity of the people. India is one of the most populous places in the world, contributing around 20 percent of world births and its total population has exceeded one billion already.Life in India is both similar to and different from the life here in Canada. There are many similarities but also a few differences. In both the countries, the Prime Minister is the head of the government. Both Canada & India were previously under the British control. The present democratic form of government is very similar in the two countries. While many of the actual food items purchased in India are the same (tomatoes, potatoes, green beans, etc.), they are often prepared differently from the typical Canadian foods. Also, it is not uncommon for an Indian housewife to purchase her vegetables from the neighborhood grocer who brings his cart into the neighborhoods each...

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