Comparism Of 2 Film Industry Of 2 Different Countries

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KOREA Film Industry:For more than ten years Korea has been producing distinctive and original movies in great number. A combination of changing laws regarding domestic production and critical shifts in government in the 1980s led to great new opportunities for creative expression, including an extraordinary independent film movement. The arrival of directors such as Hong Sang Soo, Jang Sun Woo, Kim Young Bin and Park Cheol Soo make Korea's place among the world's great national cinemas difficult to deny.The first Korean made film was exhibited in 1919. A commercial film industry existed throughout the rest of the silent era. The actor was paid with rice, up to one bag per film and according to how good his performance was. A talented performer, with regular employment, was known as a six bag a year man.When Japan atrocious colonialization of the country effectively stamped out the native movie business until the end of World War II. In the late 1950s, Korea's homegrown product began to thrive, with low budget action pictures for the men and weepy soap operas for the woman. In 1980s, director, Im Kwon Taek release his film "Mandala". Kwon Taek had been making films since 1962, mainly crime and sword fighting pictures. "Mandala" explored matters of transcendence with a matter of fact and very effective simplicity. The first of his films is deal with aspects of the Korean spirit and psyche, the nature of his countrymen before the dilution of Japan and the West. The provocative of the new filmmaker is Jang Sun Woo."A man whose caustic viewpoint, political engagement and stylistic experiment have brought comparison to 60s film revolutionaries Oshima and Godard."Jan Sun Woo first films Seoul Jesus in 1986 have addressed a variety of not topics, from sexual abuse to Korea's capitalist ethic and self-satisfied intellectual class and Buddhism. "In A Petal" he used horrifying documentary footage of the massacre as a kind of prologue for a densely layered story of a young girl survivor's adventures, orphaned by the violence, a victim of sexual exploitation, a symbol of the country's history of abusing its own people. The result of Jan's cinematic experimenting was a uniquely fascinating film world.The film "A Single Spark" director, Park Kwang Su recounted the stirring true story of Jeon Tae II. "Murmuring" director, Byan Young Joo was a devastating documentary exploration of the tragedy of the comfort women. During the World War II, Korean females forced into battle zone prostitution to service the Japanese Troops.Other filmmakers have chosen more contemporary subject matter like life among the newly materialistic democracy generation and late breaking development in the battle of the sexes. Hong Sang Soo's brilliant "The Day a Pig Fell into Well" follows a quartet of characters in present day Seoul. "A Hot Roof" about a rooftop standoff by a group of women who have just killed a wife beater. The majority of Korean films are less subversive fare simple...

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