Comparison "An Ennemy Of The People", "A Man For All Seasons", And "The Allegory Of The Cave"

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L'ecolier Cassiopée Matthew BeyersdorfEnglish 10313 october 2014Comparison and contrastAn Enemy of the People, written by Henrik Ibsen and A man for All Season written by Robert Bolt are both highlighting a man that stands for its beliefs and tries to educate the people of the society. Both plays are inspired by The Allegory of the Cave, written by Plato. First will be explained how The Allegory of the Cave is still relevant thousands of years later, then the same story will be compared to both plays, showing how the story apply to them, and finally a comparison between the two heroes of the plays will reveal that Sir More is a greater man than Dr.Stockmann.In the Allegory of the Cave three prisoners are chained in a way that they are forced to look at the wall in front of them. Shadows are projected onto the wall, and have been since their birth. A prisoner escape the cave and find the truth. When he comes back into the cave to enlighten the other, he is rejected.In today's world, the allegory of the cave can represent a lot of things, and one of them being the government and other figure of authority. The cave represent the world and the country we live in. People with little to no authority have been chained their whole life, thinking they were free. They were force to watch the shadows projected on the wall. Those shadows represent the media, which is controlled by the government. By controlling the media, the government is given the power to control the people who watch it. Media tells people what to think, what to buy, which opinions they should own. The one who escape from the cave is the one who is free and guided by his own self; and when he does escape, he finds out that the shadows were only a deformation of the reality and that the truth is the one that lies in his own judgments.The Allegory of the Cave can be reflected in An Enemy of the people.In An Enemy of the People the people of the town represent the people in chains. The cave represents the society they all live in, which includes the unchained, Dr.Stockmann and his family. The ignorant people of the town face the wall, waiting for shadows to be projected.Behind them, the media, which includes Hovstad, the editor of "The People's Herald" , Aslaksen, the newspaper's printer and Billing are projecting these shadows along with Peter Stockmann, the mayor of the town. The shadows on the wall concerns the baths of the town and how they are very important for the town's economy but also hide the truth about the contamination. To encourage the public to believe the shadows, the mayor threatened them with the increase of tax. While the people of the town are still fed by the shadow's lies, Dr.Stockmann escape the cave. He educated himself outside of town and had been leading his own investigation about the baths. Though, when Dr.Stockmann comes back into the cave to educate the other about the truth and to suggest to close down the baths, he is rejected. This idea is...

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