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Lesser than others
Country Lovers by Nadine Gordimers, begins with the main character a young bright eyed young innocent boy named Paulus Eysendyck, and a young innocent girl with hopeful dreams named Thebedi. As this story is presented through its character development and transformations, it is the dialogue that allows the reader to realize that it takes place during a troubling time in South Africa when Apartheid; a system of racial segregation enforced through Legislation was common law. From the beginning of the story they are both presented as having a childhood relationship playing together in the fields with all the children on the farm. As the story develops and the plot is established, Paulus is sent off to school and when he returns, Thebedi his childhood friend is described as one of the crowd now rather than a friend. The tone is set and the rise of the story begins because now Paulus did not seem to realize that Thebedi was “simply one of the crowd of farm children down at the kraal” (Gordimer, 2010) meaning that she was no longer an equal she was a part of the help on the farm.
In The Welcome Table written by Alice Walker, it immediately starts describing an older woman on her way to church in her Sunday best. The use of Alice Walkers descriptions suggests that this story takes place in the Southern region of United States post segregation era when the southern part of the U.S. separated blacks and whites into racial groups. As the plot is established, and the woman arrives to the church steps, the people of the church viewed her as an outsider not accepting her as one of god’s children, “Some of those who saw her there on the church steps spoke words about her that were hardly fit to be heard” (Walker, 2010). In both of the stories presented even though they were both treated as being of lower value they still were human beings and had the value of life.
A contrasting comparison between the stories is that in Alice Walkers story, she presented an Old woman with courage. On her way to seek an ending to life and uses the Church as a symbol of refuge, a place where God is the answer, the beginning to an end. In Nadine Gordimers story Country Lovers, Thebedi is presented as a young woman who lacks courage and seeks love from her childhood friend Paulus but regresses to her racial role. A young love that she once was a part of is used constantly throughout the story to show that she is seeking out something that could never be.
Seeking happiness
Happiness and enjoyment is the tone that is set with a childhood friendship between Paulus, and Thebedi. It is through this childhood friendship that allows them to grow up and become lovers as Paulus constantly returns from his schooling in the summers and vacations. As the story develops and the plot develops both Paulus and Thebedi would runoff to the dried up river bed where they would play when they were kids. This was a search of one another to rekindle that childhood relationship...

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