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Comparison And Contrast Between Sexes For Dominance

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Comparison and Contrast Between Our Sexes: Why Do We Recognize Men as the Dominant Sex In Our Species?

It has always been, within the course of human history, that only men were treated with respect and recognition, while women stayed at home and took care of the household. When people define the following careers such as, policeman, fireman, chairman, mailman, etc., we assume that those people are male because we were taught to feel this way since childhood. Although they are experiencing problems with a language that subtly demeans them, today's women have much more power than their predecessors. Based on the examples stated above, the English language has established a sexist foundation that has created a sexist society that will be irreparable for future generations.

Because of the sexist nature of the English language, the definition they generate for both men and women creates a restricted assumption of the roles they have to play. For example in the article "Can a Woman be President?" by Kristen Hall, she states that:

A woman can be a president. They do a job just as good as men because they are just as smart as men. For instance there is a governor in New Jersey and she does a great job. Women are now

consider being equal to men, and should have the same opportunities as men. Women follow rules, and cooperate with the government. Women can make good choices, and effective speeches. Most people say, `"Well what about kids?"' Think about it. Men are responsible for their kids as much as women are. A woman won't run for a president if she has three year olds and needs to stay with them. She'll run when she gets older because her kids will be older. (Hall)

After analyzing Kristen's response I can definitely say that a woman could be a successful president as well as a good leader.

Additionally, sexist language puts out harmful ideas in people's minds that demean women's status in society. By looking at feminist's language issues, I can tell why some women are very much unhappy and feel discarded, which is very understandable. Francine Frank and Frank Ashen states:

A computer analysis of five million words in context revealed many subtle and not-so-subtle clues to the status of women in American society. The number alone tell us a lot: Men outnumber women seven to one, boys outnumber girls two to one; girls are even in the minority in home economics books, where masculine pronouns outnumber feminine ones two to one. In general, the pronouns he, him, and his outnumber she, her, and hers by ratio of four to one. (Frank/Ashen 28)

By analyzing the quote from the article, women are being put down, numerically by society. However, most of the people do not even pay attention much to this issue. As Kelley L. Ross, Ph.D. states:

There are principles that make it possible to dismiss the common sense view that few people speaking English who said "man" in statements like "man is a rational animal" were referring...

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