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Comparison And Contrast Of The Internet Surfing Between Thailand And The American Teenagers

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The instant-message generation
Furthermore, close to 13 million teenagers’ use instant messaging and this techno-communication has a key place in many of their lives. Talking to buddies online has become the information-age way for teens to hang out and beat back boredom. 74% of online teens use instant messaging. In comparison, 69% of teen instant massagers use IM at least several times a week. 19% of online teens say they use IM most often to contact their friends when they are not with them; and 8% use email. 71% still use the phone most often. 37% have used IM to write something that they would not have said in person. 17% of instant massagers have used IMs to ask someone out; 13% have ...view middle of the document...

The lack of participation inherent in surfing internet might also condition children when it comes to other activities. Positive impact of new media, with all these wrong effects that new media puts on the teenagers, there are many positive affects also that its usage imparts on them. Helps in socializing: New media can be used for the positive purpose as well. A social networking site helps them in becoming social and makes a bond between the other people as well. Listening to music is an activity that teens often do alone and is used to help them control their moods.
In addition, advantages of using the internet of teenagers in Thai. Teenager of Thailand use the internet for receiver-send an email 54.4%, fine all information 52.5%, social networking 33.2%, read new electronic 31.7%, buying goods and services 10.2%, talk, share 8knowledge 85.7%,.( Thailand internet user profile database,2013)online learning 93%. (E-Education in Thailand: Equity, Quality and Sensitivity for Learners and Teachers). Likewise, advantages of using the internet of teenagers in American; the Internet helps at school, Also, a tenth of American teens (11%) get their primary or only access to the Internet through their school. 94% of online teens report using the Internet to research for school., 71% say they relied mostly on Internet sources for the last big project they did for school. 54% of online teens think the Net helps them find out what is cool in fashion or music, 26% say the Internet helps them get information about things that are hard to talk to other people. (Reports by Pew Internet & American Life Project)
Furthermore, disadvantages of using the internet of teenagers in Thailand. Teenagers of Thailand use the internet for online game 13.2%, visit a chat room 85.7%, watching TV/listen radio online 21.0 %,( Thailand internet user profile database, 2013). Likewise, disadvantages of using the internet of teenagers in American. Teenagers of American use the internet for play or download a game 66%, Visit a chat room 55% and Surf the Web for fun 84 %,( Reports by Pew Internet & American Life Project).Moreover, effects on education, working, behavior, habit teenagers’ motives, social interaction; Exposure to violence with the growing use of the internet by children, there is an increase in online games. The games are very violent and expose children to explicit content and violent situations thus desensitizing the children and making them more prone to inflicting self-harm, as well as harm on others. (Risks of heart attack, stroke, cancer and diabetes)(THE IMPACT OF INTERNET USE ON CHILDREN/ADOLESCENTS)
Furthermore, Cyber-crime has continued to become more professional with the barriers to entry becoming ever lower with the emergence of increasingly powerful toolkits and exploits for sale online. In the past year, cyber criminals have used increasingly powerful and targeted attacks to steal information ranging from credit card details and other personal...

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