Comparison Of The Russian Folk Tale “The Wolf And The Goat” And The English Folk Tale “The Wolf And The Three Kittens”

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What is common in the tales of different peoples? And how do they differ? I have had many questions and wanted to find the answers. My research is devoted to analysis and comparison of the two tales about animals. The first one is the Russian folk tale "The wolf and the goat" and other one is the English folk tale "The wolf and the three kittens". Comparison began with an introduction to the history of fairy tales: the definition of the genre, the collection and study of fairy tales, with their classification. Every person has the recollection of how our grandmother or mother read a lot of interesting tales. The structure of a fairy tale about the animal includes a small amount of text and simple plot.
Perhaps only the structure of fairy tales about animals has some function. All parts of tales may be passed over a short period of time. Thus it shows the relationship between the characters. There are two main ideas in moral terms. The first idea shows that the good always wins over evil. The second idea emphasizes the importance of the victory itself that brings moral satisfaction to the reader. Often tale has three situations: cock becomes three times more than the fox, the wolf came three times to the hut the goats, and the wolf tries to eat three times piglets. Trinity is associated with the emergence of Christianity as a religion. This reflects the triune God - Father, Jesus - Son and Holy Spirit. Also it is popular of using of a number seven and multiples of seven. Stories about animals are characterized by bright optimism: the weak always come out of a difficult situation. This is confirmed in many situations, especially in the sense of humor. The task of the narrator is to show through the dramatization of the internal qualities of character of the protagonist to discover and to complete the description given in the poetic text. The narrator is not simply translate the text but also plays it.
For example, the English fairy tale teaches the reader to distinguish between good and the evil, empathize and help the weak, and believe in justice. The main heroes of this tale are the wolf from the evil and the cat from the good. The whole plot of a fairy tale built on a permanent clash between good and evil. The wolf is very tricky and dangerous. But humor softens the force of evil, which takes place in English weighty tale. Evil characters constantly ridiculed and often fall into the absurd, comic situations. This technique enhances the action that leads to the climax and denouement. Feature of fairy tales is that it is off from the real-time. Strict sequence of events creates a special fabulous time in which the cat has to overcome a series of tests before they will find happiness. Usually tale ends with the victory of good. Evil is punished. The wolf in full receives their just deserts for their actions. In the English fairy tales usually do not have a...

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