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Comparison Between Anna Avalon And Her Daughter Essay About The Short Story, ``the Leap``

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Anna Avalon and her daughter have been through a lot in there life times. From bad weather causing the death of two loved ones and burning houses, they have survived it all. They both have interesting stories to tell. Anna’s daughter has grown up admiring her mom and wanting to be like her, she has not accomplished this, but she has not been given the chances to. She may feel guilty about not being like her mother because as she says she owes her existence three times to her. She also is realizing things about herself and her mother that she had not known before; she is growing, and becoming wiser. And finally she makes an attempt to show her mother that she is similar to her by coming back, she made a leap into a new life, just as her mother did.Anna Avalon’s daughter feels guilty about not being clearly like her mother, she feels that she owes it to her mom be like her. The reason for this is; the whole story is based on the fact that she owes her existence to her mom three times. She feels that if it weren’t for her mom’s actions she would not be able to tell her tale, as she is now. This would inspire her to be like her mom, when the truth is she has not been given the same opportunities as her mother. She tries to compensate this by doing something her mother did, taking the leap from her current life back to her mom and her now, new life. This is what her mother did after her circus days ended.As Anna Avalon’s daughter gets older and grows in more ways than one; she realizes that she may be more like her mother than she ever knew. In the story she explains about her sister’s tombstone and she explains that she sees her sister as an unfinished version of her self. The tombstone itself is a symbol of Anna’s unborn child and the unborn child is a symbol of Anna’s daughter herself. If you can connect the dots, this would make the tombstone a...

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