Comparison Between Australia And New Zealand?S Non Verbal Communication

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Both Australia and New Zealand have different forms of music, which includes music from their individual indigenous cultures. The Maori people have unique chants such as the well-known Haka as New Zealand?s rugby team, the All Blacks, frequently perform it. The Aboriginal?s music has become increasingly meaningful within the culture influencing many aspects of their lives. Besides indigenous music there is the widely spread popular music as well as other music genres in both countries, although it is quite similar in each. Conversely, the architectural styles between Australia and New Zealand are relatively different each having unique styles and some being inspired by other countries.In New Zealand the Maori people bring their traditional music and chants into society in the same way that the Aboriginals contribute to Australian society. The most common form of music for the Maori culture is chanting. The Maori people have valued two main kinds of chanting for hundreds of years: chant that involves reciting certain words for social and religious reasons and chant that involves singing. Both of these chants are exceptionally significant to their culture. Similarly the Aboriginal music has become a vehicle for social protest, and has been linked, by both performers and outsiders. When the Aboriginals were fighting for land rights they expressed their feelings through song. The remote musical community of ?Blek Bala Mujik? composed the song "Walking Together" which became a sort of Australian anthem after its use in a Qantas commercial evidently influencing patriarchy in Australia. In addition a well-known chant of the Maori?s is the Haka, which was originally a war chant, but it is now commonly sung by New Zealand?s Rugby Union team the All Blacks before each game. This has cultural significance, as it has become a traditional part of their society and historically a symbol of war.On the other hand the Aboriginals do not use chanting as much as the Maori?s however they have various types of singing and instruments. For instance Bunggul singing is known for its intense lyrics, which are often stories of epic journeys and continue, or repeat, unaccompanied after the music has stopped. A well-known musical instrument of the aboriginals is the Didgeridoo it is a woodwind instrument, traditionally made out of eucalyptus or bamboo. Aborigines used the didgeridoo to communicate over long distances, as well as to accompany songs; it is commonly considered the national instrument of Australian Aborigines therefore it contains significant historical as well as cultural significance. Furthermore Wannga singing is distinguished by an extremely high note to commence the song, accompanied by rhythmic percussion and followed by a sudden shift to a low tone. Correspondingly the Maori culture consists of traditional instruments made of customary materials similar to the didgeridoo. For example the Koauau can be made from various bones, wood, antlers or pottery....

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