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Christianity and Islam are most popular religions in the world. The largest number of people in the earth belongs to either of these two religions. These religions have definitely affected the culture of people. The study if the two religions give insight into the culture of people and it makes it easy to understand other people. Jesus and Mohammad is the founder of the two religions. In order to understand the two religions, it is important that the differences between the two leaders be understood. Islam and Christianity have some similarities and differences (Jestice 2004). This paper looks at the similarities and differences between Jesus and Mohammed.
Some of the similarities between Jesus and Mohammed are the fact that both believe in monotheistic religion. They both believed in one God who is all powerful, infinite, and sovereign and is the ultimate judge. Both Christ and Mohammed believe in the Old Testament and acknowledge Abraham as the father of their nations and a man of God. Jesus believes Abraham was his father and it is through his son Isaac that Jesus comes from. The Muslims believe they are the descendants of Ishmael who was also a son of Abraham. The two leaders have written legacy. Although the two leaders did not write any books, their followers have written accounts of their work in the religious books. Jesus life on earth, his miracles and his teachings are written in the New Testament (Gabriel 2007). The revelations of Mohammed are recorded in the Quran.
Jesus and Mohammed have differences in their claim. Jesus claimed to be God while Mohammed did not claim to be any divine being. Mohammed was just a prophet and was respected by the people. However, Christians believes that Jesus was a God and he continually claimed to be so. Being a God, Jesus demonstrated great power and authority and performed a lot of miracles compared to Mohammed the prophet. Mohamed claimed to be just a man. The fact that Jesus was referred to as the son of God did not mean that he was not a God. He was the sons of God and at the same time shared the divinity of God. When he came to this earth, Jesus took up humanity and suffered just like the human race. He however said that before coming to this earth, he and God existed as one being and had worked together in creating the universe. This explains why he was able to perform the many miracles. Mohammed died just like a normal man and his remains are still in the tomb where he was buried (Jestice 2004). There are several people who have questioned the divinity of Christ. However, there are verifiable records that show that Jesus was really God and there is also enough evidence of his resurrection. However, Jesus was killed and after he had been confirmed dead by the Pharisees, he arose from the dead in the third day. The resurrection of Christ and his rise to take up his divine role in heaven is a cornerstone of the Christian religion. If the followers of Christ did not...

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