Comparison Between Half Caste By John Agard And Presents From My Aunts In Pakistan By Moniza Alvi

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Compare And Contrast Two Poems From Other Cultures And Traditions.I have chosen to compare Presents from my aunts in Pakistan by Moniza Alvi with Half-Caste by John Agard.The authors of these two poems were both born in another country and moved to England at an early age, where as John Agard was born and raised in Guyana and then moved to England during early adulthood. During this essay I will be comparing the imagery, tone, differences and the moral of the two poems.The author of Half-Caste, John Agard moved to England in 1977 this was at early adulthood. His parents were mixed of race, his father black and mother from Portugal but was born in Guyana.The author of Presents Form My Aunts In Pakistan, Moniza Alvi moved to England at a very young age, the same as John Agard both her parents are mixed of race, her father is from Pakistan and her mother is English. We can tell that the poems are almost autobiographical as they are both about certain experiences in both there lives.The poem Half-Caste is about a man who is trying to get an answer from the 'first speaker' who intentionally calls himself a Half-Caste. This somewhat gets the 'second speaker' angry therefore the imagery and personification are introduced.The poem is written in a dialect giving the effect of an west Indian person, this adds a big effect on reading the poem aloud, making it a lot more interesting to read. This dialect gives a broader picture in your mind. You can tell that Half-Caste is supposed to be read aloud and Presents From My Aunts In Pakistan is a is a piece that you would normally read to yourself.Personification is used throughout the two poems creating a less vague picture within your head."in fact some o dem cloud-Half-Caste till dem overcast - so spiteful dem don't want de sun pass" this creates a very clear image within your mind as it gives the cloud almost a life form. It says that the clouds are spiteful by not letting the sun pass through them. But how can clouds have a thought or be spiteful?This style of imagery is continued thought the entire Half-Caste poem. All of these personification gives an excuse or alibi of why the 'first speaker' has called himself an Half-Caste, it gives a reason of why he has accused himself of being different even when he isn't.The poem by Moniza Alvi, Presents From My Aunts In Pakistan has a different was of projecting its imagery, it uses metaphors and similes.As metaphors and similes give a different perspective than personification."glistening like an orange split open" this simile expresses the wonderful colours integrated in the presents the speaker has received.Moniza Alvi also uses metaphors to describe things, compared to Agard's poem, she does not use any personification at all.Moniza has also written her poem in standard English, unlike Agard's who has written Half-Caste in a dialect. Although a poem written in dialect sounds better and also gives a wider picture taken in and made for your imagination to...

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