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Comparison Between Murakami, Poe And Carver

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Who would Bonnie be without Clyde? What about Romeo without Juliet? Ernie would never be the same without Bert and that is a fact. All these partnerships thrive because of them being together. This is called 'codependency', when you rely on your partnerships, require their support. In writing, how astounding the story will become at the end depends on the relationship of the skill of the author and the character he weaves with it. Each line that is uttered, each action that is done, the way they react with one another. A story is created through all these small gears, as if in clock, that work and move as if one. Each wave to make an ocean, each breeze to make the wind.Whenever I read a book I get drawn to a character. Perhaps he is my favorite character or I find him utterly repulsive, but I always get drawn to a character wherein I feel that they are real. Conveying enough emotion, being human. The pages in-between myself and the character is a small barrier that authors must cross, get their characters past those thin, millimeter thick paper. Beautiful writing is for poetry, but beautiful writing and strong character, now that is what is put into a great story!You may have a story that doesn't seem to stand out when the plot is written on paper, but if you have a great character to lead a reader through the story it may end up amazing. Now, take this and compare it to the idea of having a unique story that catches a lot of eyes from just reading the blurb at the back but having a seemingly flat and dull character as the main. When someone reads, you don't just see how a story unfolds but also witness how a character develops. You see a glimpse of the life of someone. Without the aliens, robots and extreme situations characters find themselves in, the way one learns from their mistakes and what one does after those mistakes are made is a story itself. The whole story can only go so far without strong leads and supporting characters.The way a character is presented, the lines he or she says, the attitude given with it, that makes the character. Yes, he may be written down as "kind" but there's a difference between a word and an act. Even if that act is represented by words. That is why short stories are quite difficult to write. There is no excuse to have a lack of character development, or lack of a strong character. However, a short story has such little space compared to a full length novel, even a novella. So an author has a small amount of words and pages they are allowed to convey a story, introduce us to characters, show us a situation and try to make us feel it all. Three authors who are great examples of this would be Poe, Carver and Murakami.Poe is a poet, he can weave words and can control you with them. "True-nervous-very, very dreadfully nervous I had been and am! but will you say that I am mad?" So he begins The Tell-Tale Heart, setting the mood for the rest of the story. Much of the novels in the 19th century were very rich in...

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