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Comparison Between Sculpture In Kuwait And Australia

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Comparison between Sculpture in Kuwait and Australia
Research Objectives
There have been significant differences between the sculptures in Kuwait and those in Australia. The research will evaluate the weaknesses in Kuwait sculptures in terms of funds accessible, available galleries and the public awareness on this artistic works. In addition, the research will evaluate ways of strengthening the sculptures in Kuwait.
The difference between contemporary and traditional art can be demonstrated by analyzing the sculptures in Kuwait. This is because the available sculptures have been neglected and the artists remain unappreciated despite their amazing talent and dedication. This paper will analyze the galleries in Kuwait, the art schools, funds allocated and the existing sculptures, and compare these factors with those in Australia. The differences to be realized after the analysis will be used to develop a strategy aimed at improving the sculptures and other artworks in Kuwait.
Background Information
The sculptures available in Kuwait have been long forgotten, especially those in public places. The sculpture in Rumaithiya is one example of sculptures that have been neglected, as demonstrated by the rust and cracks in the sculpture (Modeen 2009). For a very long time, many people have ignored artworks and sculptures across Kuwait. The government has also not been vibrant enough to promote sculpture making. This has made individuals to take to other jobs, hence reducing the number of artists willing to engage in sculpture making.
The artists who have concentrated in sculpture making have been reducing in numbers given that in this era developed computer software is being used to generate virtual designs. Graphic design and other computer-based applications have made it possible for individuals to create designs without having to create a physical structure. This has reduced the number of sculptors in Kuwait and since there are fewer incentives to encourage new sculptors, sculpture making has been slowly fading away. In Australia however, the government has ensured that sculptors and artists are promoted by creating funds for galleries and other exhibitions, an initiative that has encouraged more artists to demonstrate their talent (Lumley 1990).
The establishment of art schools has helped in encouraging young and talented individuals to participate in sculpture making. Because of the government’s direct participation in promotion of art, there has been development of contemporary sculptures, with many being erected in public places across the country. Artists are also trained in Australian art schools and other accredited art schools in the world. Self taught artists are given incentives in term of awards and exhibition opportunities in the Australian galleries and other exhibition areas. The difference between the Kuwait sculptures and those in Australia helps in the identification of ways that will assist in promotion of sculptures...

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