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Comparison Between Television, Press, And The Social Media As The Platform Of Political Message

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One notion of globalization is the concept of ‘free flow information’. It emerges because people were exhausted by the propaganda and censorship in Second World War (Carlsson, 2005). This concept demands the advance of Information and Communication Technology to deliver information widely, beyond geographical boundaries, and as fast as it can be. To serves the concept of free flow information, the ICT needs to make the connection is available for everyone; it is the formation of network society. According to Castell (2007), in the network society, the power relations which constitute all societies foundation, and the efforts to challenge the institutionalization of power relations are ...view middle of the document...

All the participants have to speak with logic, actively, and knowledgeable. The last, participants need to adjust their view in order to achieve consensus (Cammaerts, 2007:3).
With those qualities, on one hand the new platform like social media, is considered by the politician and people as an ideal modern public sphere. The promise of networking in cyberspace is that it opens huge space for voices which were never having access to powerful media. Moreover, the potential of this new technology relies on its super fast information delivery and ‘extremely targeted’ users (Gurak, 1999: 259). In other words, social media user can deliver information quickly to a lot of users who have common interest with him or her. The advance of mobile devices extends this potential; the users can keep in touch with their relatives, get information, and participate in any virtual events anywhere and everywhere.
Today trend of politician communication is taking place in the social media. Started from the high profile Barack Obama’s campaign on Facebook, it answered the question of ‘can social media foster the democratic activities such as promote participatory?’ (Charles, 2012). Obama was very keen in campaigning himself as the ‘change’ agent and infusing this role to public that everyone can be one as well (CQ Transcripts Wire, 2008). The fact that he was the first president candidate, who put so much effort in online campaign while the other candidates before and in his time were relying on traditional format of campaigns, has strengthened his image as the agent of change.
In Indonesia, Jokowi won the election of Jakarta’s governor because of his image as a leader who is willing to hear the marginal people’s aspirations, humble, anti corruption, and trustworthy (Lowry, 2014). While most of the political leaders build their image in stereotype model of a leader such as intellect, neat, formal, good skills of speech, and flawless; Jokowi appears in the very modest way with his informal and simple language, and casual clothes. His campaign on social media is also considered as the new strategy of politician campaign in Indonesia as he argues that the platform is essential in building perception (DetikNews, 2012). Indeed, his social media campaign articulates his character and his political intention perfectly. While the social media removes the boundaries between elite and people, promote openness, and use more casual approach; the users start to build perception that if the politician is approachable in online world, then, he or she must be in the real life.
Both examples show the capacity of social media in building or strengthen the imaginary bounding between people-elite, and the perception of the politician character and message; the way the politician converses with the audience may looks as if he or she familiar to us. This capacity distinguishes social media with the other media. As consequence, the users conduct feedback such as comment or even promote...

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