Comparison Between The Two Movies¦ (Romeo & Juliet Movies) 1968 By Zefferelli And 1996 By Luhram

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The two movies of Romeo & Juliet made according to the play of Shakespeare are very, very different from one another. Although some similarities occur but both are very different. The old one, released in 1968 by Zefferelli is pretty long and follows the whole drama properly through out the movie. On the other hand the new one released in 1996 by Luhram is much quicker, lines are cut and more action is placed into it. I think this is the case because the newer one is made for the modern audience and teenagers like us, who of course, don't like long speeches cause we don't have much patience.Now lets get a little specific here. Take for example the scene where the letter gets lost near the end of the movie, over here both the movies focus on the part that Romeo never gets the letter by showing us that he misses it by a nick of time. In the movie directed by Luhram, Romeo misses the letter by Balthasar (one of his servant), he comes and gives Romeo the news that Juliet is dead & the fact that he has seen her in her tomb with his own naked eyes. Then Romeo is shown leaving in Balthasar's car, whereas the letterman remains unable to deliver the letter from the priest. In the old one the same technique is applied but it's more into old style, that horses are used instead of cars. Not much music, action music or sad. So by this example we can see that the newer version is much quicker, more action and good. Therefore the newer one is better.Another...

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