Comparison Between The Crucible By Arthur Miller And Vinegar Tom By C. Churchill

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Comparison Between The Crucible by Arthur Miller and Vinegar Tom by C. Churchill

We are currently performing a piece of drama called 'The Crucible' and
have studied a play called 'Vinegar Tom'. 'The Crucible' was written
by Arthur Miller in 1953 and was set in Salem, Massachusetts USA in
1692. 'Vinegar Tom' was written in the 1970's and was set in the 17th
century. Although 'Vinegar Tom' was written about the 17th century,
the ideas parallel those of the issues of the 1970's. The issue was
feminism. Although women were beginning to work the same jobs as men,
their wages were drastically different, with men being paid a lot more
for the same job. More women started to go to university in order to
gain the qualifications that would enable them to do the jobs that men
did. Some parts of the play reflect the feminist issues that were
happening at the time the story was written. In 'The Crucible' the
issues surrounding the time of when the play was written was
McCarthyism. Arthur Miller was interested not only in the Salem witch
trials, but also the more current affairs of the USA. The opposing
look on communism sparked a massive conspiracy theory that set
neighbours, friends and family against each other. People were accused
of being communists, and, in order to free their name and the risk of
being blacklisted, they had to give the names of other that were
communists. This set off a long chain of innocent people that were
accused by people trying to free their own name. Several innocent
people was accused and charged, as they would not give their names of
others. This is the same as the plot of 'The Crucible'. John Proctor
will not give other peoples names in order to free his, and...

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