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Comparison Between The Film And The Book Frankenstein

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Frankenstein is a fictional story written by Mary Shelly. It was later adapted into a movie version directed by James Whales. There are more differences than similarities between the book and the movie. This is because, the movie is mainly based on the 1920’s play, other than the original Mary Shelly’s book Frankenstein. A text has to be altered in one way or the other while making a movie due to a number of obvious factors. A lot of details from the book were missing in the movie, but the changes made by Whales were effective as they made the movie interesting, and successful.
There are a number of differences between the book and movie adaptation of Frankenstein. The first evident difference is that, in the book, the novel gets some books and learns on his own to read and write from them .Comparably, in the movie adaptation, the monster learned from watching the De Lacy family and how they communicated to each other. The book goes in great detain to explain the monsters education and how the books helped whereas, in the movie, little is shared of how fast the monster acquired education. The monsters education is reflected best in the book compared to the movie. In addition to this, the monsters appearance is very different in the movie compared to how he is described in the book. In the book, the creature taught himself how to read and write from the classic literature the Prometheus and Milton’s Paradise Lost, where he learnt to speak very clearly. In the movie, the creature is inarticulate.
Another difference between the movie and the book Frankenstein is that, in the novel, we are told that, Frankenstein created the creature from scientific principles of building up human body parts. However, we are not told how he got the body parts. Comparably, in the movie, Victor is seen robbing graves of the dead in search of human parts to create his monster. Additionally, the creature demanded for a companion from victor, whereby Victor start to create another monster which he in turn destroys out of remorse. Victor feared creating another creature that will cause more destruction and carnage and that us why he destroyed it. In contrast to the movie, Victor creates the monster companion, who later on commits suicide. Another notable differences is the change of names. In the novel, Frankenstein is known as Victor, whereas in the movie, he is known as Henry yet Henry was Victor’s best friend. In addition, Henry was a student and not a doctor as depicted in the movie.
There is another difference I the plot of the movie and the film. In the novel, the monster took revenge on the people because they rejected him because of his hideous appearance. He was trying to be friendly to them so as to relate to them but they...

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