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Comparison Between The Lottery And The Village

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"The Lottery" by Shirley Jackson, and the movie "The Village" directed by M. Night Shyamalan, deal with the same theme; the danger related with following traditions and rituals blindly. In both cases, the townspeople are deceived into believing the established systems and values, the elders are not questionned and many ploys are used to keep the followers in line.
In "The lottery," the people are forced to follow the custom of holding the lottery each year that necessitates the felony of stoning an innocent person to death. As the reader's prospective, it seems utterly inhuman, but the people in the village do not perceive what they are performing. They are completely deprive of perception because the practice of stoning a human being for winning the lottery is viewed as accustomed. Since it has been performed for so many decades. In "The Village," the habitants are misleaded because the younger population is not aware of what they call" those we do not speak of" do not exist. The villagers are not aknowledge of the fact that the imaginary creature that lives in the woods is a false beast created by the elders. Even after the event of Ivy, the main character that is blind, where she departs the village to get medicine for her love, the elders still decide to conceal the truth. Ivy ends up tricking the creature, which is Noah dressed in the costume, into falling in a ditch which leads to his death. After the elders assimilate about this event, they decide to disguise the incident by making a false statement for the sake of tradition.
In Shirley Jackson's short story, the elders are never questioned because the majority of the community memebers trust their decisions. They believe that the seniors have more knowledge about the world compared with the rest. The eldest figure in the community, Old Man Warner, does not like change and is still not satisfied of the way the lottery is performed. He...

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