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Comparison Between The Metropolitan Museum Of Art And The Frick Collection

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New York City is known for its wide diversity as a cultural mecca for art,
particularly with museums. Two of these major institutions are The Frick Collection and the Metropolitan Museum of Art. Each museum provides a glimpse of creativity from the past, all while remaining interesting in exhibiting the works of various styles and periods. While the two museums have similar goals in their Mission Statements, the differences in space, structure, and curating art philosophies differentiates them.
In 1870, the Metropolitan Museum of Art was founded by a group of businessmen and artists who wanted a place to present and educate the public to a variety of art. This museum houses paintings, ...view middle of the document...

The works are illuminated with a single light above each piece.
The rooms at the Met are minimal in décor, allowing attention to remain focused on the art. Each room is set differently in order to maximize the viewing experience of each piece. The European painting section has a cool grayish green color on the walls to not distract the viewer’s attention from the work. The sculpture room uses marble walls and tiles, and busts are on granite displays. These elements complement the art by reflecting the mediums of each room. Works of art are grouped together thematically by period and style to help the viewer compare and analyze works that share characteristics. The rooms at the Met are bathed in natural light, which differs from the single light sources the Frick uses. Additionally, there are benches near selected works in specific rooms, usually near important works. The benches are deliberately and strategically placed to encourage better viewing and analysis of the work and assist in guiding the viewers through the rooms.
The works at each museum differ significantly. The work highlighted and the décor of the house at the Frick was curated to Henry Frick’s personal tastes, presenting works by Holbein, Bellini, Rembrandt, and Vermeer among others. The Met’s collection was built for public viewing of many forms and matter of art from all periods and styles, rendering the Frick’s offerings limited by comparison. There...

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