Comparison Between The Standards Of Living Between Japan And Canada. Japan Is Better.

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With all the research I have done, I have decided to stay in Japan. Even though the population density is smaller in Canada (3.1 person's per km2) then in Japan (337 persons per km2) there are different reasons why I've chosen to stay in Japan.My first reason is the birth rates. Canada's birth rate is 6.52% showing that the population would increase much faster then in Japan where the birth rate is 1.38%. As the population in Canada increases schools will become more crowded then they already are. Cities and towns will become more populated, which may lead to over crowding, and all the problems that follow due to this fact. This leads me up to my next point.The more people there are living in a country the higher the crime rate. Canada already has a higher crime rate then Japan, Canada's crime rate is 39 097 compared to Japan's crime rate of 2,300.77. The crime rate would also play a part in the death rate as very often these criminal activities involve weapons and result in someone being injured or dead.Another important thing is the weather in the country. The weather averages for Canada were, precipitation at 781 mm, the highest average temperature at 17 and the lowest average temperature at -6. Japans averages were, precipitation at 117 mm, the average high temperature at 20, and the average low temperature at 11. The temperature is important because some people may have health problems that the weather may affect, such as asthma, were the humility affects it and sets off an asthma attack. Some times the weather affects people's gardens or vegetable's. Some older people need to be in a place were the weather averages out to be not too hot or too cold so they...

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