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Comparison/Contrast Essay

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Have you ever awakened to see the frosty chill of a Hunter, New York morning? Where you can look out of the frosted window and see the fresh blanket of soft snow gleaming in the morning light? Well, I have and it feels like paradise. The skiing is brilliant in the wintertime, the snow is natural and the scenery is a bright white sight. New York may not have the highest mountains in the world, but they are considered some of the most challenging and popular mountains. This is how I felt since I was a youthful child, but recently my views have changed.My first visit occurred when I was a young eight-year-old. One night after my surprise birthday party, my dad and mom sat down with me in front of the flaming fireplace and casually said, "We're going to New York to go skiing." I felt an amazing rush jump through my body as I leaped for joy and hit my head on the shelf lying above my conformable chair. My head started to bleed, but nobody noticed until blood started rushing down my still happy face.Then one cool morning my family packed up and headed to the beloved resort of Hunter Mt. After a three-hour car trip, which was so much fun, I saw for the first time the unique snowflakes. We arrived in the small, cozy house, which was built with thick reddish-brown brick to keep the heat inside, and make our bodies warm. Through the front door was the living room, which was filled with pictures of mountain wolfs standing in snow and three large, white, soft couches centered around a tea table and an already lit crackling fire. The carpets were spotless white and led to the back door. I walked outside into the back yard and took a deep breath, which was crystallized immediately. I sat down on the frozen curb and listened peacefully to the wind chimes blowing in the distance. The soft untouched snow covered the ground perfectly until suddenly my crazy older sister tackled me into the blanket of snow. We started to ruff around as sisters do, but I quickly stopped when my sister hit my already frozen ear with a big hard snowball. If you have ever been hit on the ear when it's cold, you know that it feels as if you had been plucked a million times non-stop. The sun was drifting away and so were my sleepy eyes.The next day we went skiing. After learning how to ski down the beginner's slope, I was ready to meet the big mountains, which are much more steeper, dangerous, and difficult slopes. I practiced skiing the mountains for a couple hours until the weak sun went down below the horizon. As I skied down the mountain, my ears, hands and toes became numb, I grew icicles below my nose; but was still enjoying myself. This continued for hours! After that I enjoyed taking a hot shower to soothe my muscles and warm me up. I would put on my boxers and fall a sleep in a warm blanket watching the wild fantasizing snow blizzard and listening to the wind sweep against the house.Recently,...

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