Comparison/Contrast Essay Pre And Post 9 11         How Drastically Has Our

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Comparison/Contrast Essay

Pre and Post 9-11

        How drastically has our world changed following the tragic events that our

country faced on September 11th.? If you believe the pundits that espouse their timely,

invaluable opinions twenty-four hours a day on cable news then you would have be able

to come to no other conclusion than that the world will never be the same. The news

anchors will tell you nightly that not one of us will ever be safe again. Somehow any

slight deviance from normal day to day activities is the direct or indirect result of the

dreaded “9-11”. If there is a car accident, the shady character driving the offending

vehicle is silently suspected of being an agent of terror. When snarled traffic keeps you

from getting to work on time, couldn’t that just be the work of radical fundamentalists

trying to cripple our evil capitalist system? Or maybe something even more frightening is

afoot. It almost seems sacrilegious to say but, maybe the world post 9-11 is not so

different from the one we lived in pre 9-11.

        In the past year anything and everything was found to have a link to the

September 11 attacks, no matter how tenuous. When Major League Baseball threatened a

work stoppage, it was no surprise. For decades ownership and the players have had

countless disagreements and numerous stoppages and strikes. However, this time

millionaire players and billionaire owners alike were lambasted for their audacity to halt

the national pastime in the aftermath of 9-11. How dare employees and employers

disagree over compensation during such a trying time? Then when the strike was averted

it was assumed that post 9-11 sentiments played an integral role in the decision. The main
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factor was more likely, as it always is and will be, cold hard cash.

        This capitalistic attitude of course still persists even after terrorists attacked our

country. As long as there has been corporations there has been corporate corruption. There is a reason why unions were formed and the S.E.C. was created. In years past we

had White Water and more recently Enron and ImClone. Even now more cases are being

brought to light everyday. One of the main complaints about us from our enemies is that

we are capitalistic, greedy pigs. When thousands of loyal employees are bilked out of

their 401k’s and forced to pose nude in Playboy pay the rent, it becomes harder and

harder to disagree with this.

        Now the war on terrorism has spilled over to Iraq. President Bush and other war-

hawks are clambering for complete regime change, which is not such a bad idea given

that Saddam Hussein is a ruthless dictator. However, a unilateral attack on a sovereign

state sets a dangerous precedent. It is alleged that Iraq and Al Queida are closely

connected. Despite the Presidents insistence on this relationship many people remain

skeptical. C.I.A...

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