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Comparison Essay Between "In A Glass House" And "Where She Has Gone". Both Written By Nino Ricci, As Part Of His Trilogy Which Included Award Winning Title "Lives Of The Saints".

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Destiny Destroyed by Dysfunctional Family"Happy families are all alike; every unhappy family is unhappy in its own way." Leo Tolstoy (1828 - 1910) When family members experience emotional and physical difficulty, the family bond may be disrupted causing sever consequences that may affect one in an appalling way. Nino Ricci's In a Glass House and Where She Has Gone, pursue the dismal breakdown of the relationship between Vittorio and his family that result s in attempted suicide and running away from family and reality. Children that are abandoned by their family, live a life in misery and destruction. Family abuse can cause a child's personality to change, in most cases in a bad way. Vittorio in In A Glass House, a young boy, is abandoned due to his mother's death, and is later isolated by his sister and father. Where She Has Gone represents Vittorio's life being absent from his sister and the battle to acquire her back. Vittorio's eagerness to search for his family truth and identity from the past, also leads to defeat and felling of alienation. In the end, Vittorio is unable to overcome the shame and loneliness and is abandoned in his own world.Family support is a key aspect to a person's life while growing up. In A Glass House, Vittorio's life existed without a mother and father for the most part of his life. His mother died while giving birth to his sister and was later maltreated by his father when he and his sister arrived to live on his farm. Vittorio never had a good relationship with his father because he was always angry at him and his sister, Rita. Because Rita was not his daughter, Mario neglected both children that led to Rita's departure to live with another family. "Don't be stupid, he's angry because of your mother, it's not our fault. Because she went with another man. You are too small to understand." (In A Glass House, 5) Vittorio was left alone with no family members to support him physically and emotionally. As Vittorio's life progressed living on his father farm, his life became more miserable, which led to depression, a stage that is destroying him and the relationship between his father and the out world. When children are left unaccompanied by family members, hopelessness and depression may have an effect on a child that can last a lifetime. In this case, Vittorio was affected by his father's deserted attitude towards him and his sister, where a family relationship was destroyed. "... there may be some problem at home for Rita. What I mean is that your father doesn't treat Rita the way he might treat - well, the way he might treat you, for instance" (In A Glass House, 117) Depression has a long-term affect on children that can lead to antisocial values because of a dysfunctional association between family members. An effect that destroys a person physically, spiritually and emotionally.Where She Has Gone depicts a disruptive environment where Vittorio was abandoned to live alone with no family members that could support...

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