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"Success comes with a price" which can be connected to The Perfect Storm and Armageddon. Both stories explained very well on how far humans will go to earn a living. The Perfect Storm is a story about a group of fishermen who end up drowning by a 100-foot wave and the main characters are Bobby Shatford, Billy Tyne and Murphy. Armageddon is a story about a group of oil workers whom go to an asteroid to drill an 800-foot hole into it. The main characters are Rockhound, Harry Stamper and A.J. Their professions are what the stories are based on. The finical rewards are very good which can include a $100 000 salary. Often the earnings go towards paying bills and child support. These jobs give the workers independence and freedom to do what they want. The professions are difficult and challenging. Only a selected, few men in the world can cope with the hard times that come with job. Often, a person is motivated to be involved in an extreme job such as a fisherman and an oil worker; the financial rewards grab the attention of a man who needs money. In addition, the thrill of danger and the independence that the job brings to them motivates them to work. A general reason why anyone works is to gain finances for themselves and others. Two characters fit the description of greed. The characters are Rockhound from Armageddon and Murphy from the Perfect Storm. Rockhound never saves the money that he makes unfortunately what he has left over goes towards his alcoholism. His problem is increased because of the other people who worked around him and the fact that they too were alcoholic's. Rockhound could spend all his earnings in a week compared to Murphy from the Perfect Storm that is lots of money. Murphy saved his earnings to pay off child support and mortgages. He was very careful with what he did with the net proceeds because his wife was on him like bee's to honey. When the Captain on the boat asked if Murphy was going on the trip with him Murphy replied, "You darn right I'm coming, I need this money to keep my ass out of jail" (Junger 87). His marriage, taken away from him and he did not have control over his own life. Murphy, torn apart from his dreams and stuck in a boat for eternity. Murphy has received nothing but heartaches and misery from the life as a wealthy fisherman. He and Rockhound can think of only leaving the profession and reattaching with society. These men go to their job because they have no choice. Rockhound needs to fulfill his alcoholism and Murphy needs to pay the bills but some men do it for the independent lifestyle that comes with the job. Billy Tyne and Harry Stamper worked in dangerous environments to have the feeling of freedom. The independence that Harry received was phenomenal because he owned...

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