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Comparison France Vs. Australia Essay

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Many people love to travel to all different kinds of places in the world. Personally though, I would love to travel and explore into depth the countries of France and Australia. I will explain to you the highs and the lows of both countries. For example, France is known for its beautiful language and its great historical sights, but has disadvantages to go with it as well. Australia, on the other hand, is known for its wonderful outdoors and animals, yet it also possesses some disadvantages, as every country does. But enough about the basics, lets get into the meat and potatoes of the two exciting countries.France has many great advantages. Frances population makes up one-seventh of Europe. France is known as a hot spot, which causes this growth. France also does great in the natural product industry. France produces much agricultural products such as; fish, cattle, hogs, grapes, fruit, vegetables, sheep, poultry, corn, potatoes, and grain. Some of the products that France manufactures include; trains, airplanes, cars, appliances, furniture, and boats. Mining products that France produces are that of iron, aluminum, ore, bauxite, coal, gypsum, natural gas, petroleum, potash, salt, sulfurs, tungsten, and zinc.France also is a great historical country. France includes places such as the Louvre museum which is one of the largest museums in the world and even possesses artworks such as Egyptian sphinxes and even the Mona Lisa. There are many historical and beautiful churches littered about France like the Cathedral of Notre Dame. The Cathedral was built in the early gothic style on a small island. The Eiffel Tower is another very known work by France. The Eiffel Tower is the main trademark of France which was constructed totally out of metal and was built in 1889 for a large trade fair to show off France's new technologies. The Arc de Triomphe is also a famous Paris landmark. It was build by Napoleon in the early 18002 in honor of the soldiers in his Army and their victories. Aside form landmarks and famous works, the French are known for exquisite food and many places to eat.Everywhere you turn in France, there is some kind of restaurant. France has many cafes, which are restaurants where you can eat delicious foods indoors or outdoors. You can find cafes in cities and villages all around the country. There are about twelve thousand cafes in Paris alone. There are many kinds of delicious foods in French cafes and restaurants. There baguettes, French cheeses (which there are more than four kinds), crepes, and croissants or beverages like cafe au lait and lemonade. France also has many famous chefs who live there.France also contains a great many stores and is known to be a trendsetter in the fashion area. Almost on every corner there is a mall or store of some kind. There are so many different types of clothing types because of the diversity in people in France, as well as the fashion industry. There are stores for anything you are interested in, and...

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