Comparison In Public Health Care Between Jordan And Uae

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One of the most important aspect of industrial and technological advancement across the globe is the enhancement of the healthcare industry. In the Middle East, the health systems and practices are undoing fast growth and rapid change. In fact, the increasing burden of chronic diseases and the ever rising cost of health care services have forced the Government to conduct a comprehensive review of the entire system (Kronfol, 1999). As the various countries of the Middle East examine their health care policies and infrastructure, the number of issues and their complexities keep on growing. In this report, the health care system of UAE would be compared to that of Jordan in terms of financing of health care, governance in health and quality and access of health services.
Health Care System in UAE
The United Arab Emirates (UAE), is amongst the most advanced countries of the Middle East and has also witnessed striking progress in the quality and accessibility of health care services provided. Over the past five years, the government has actively shown an interest in improving the state of health in UAE and correspondingly announced several health strategies (Salem, 2013). The government of UAE has taken these measures because it believes that its citizens are its primary resource. Presently, the UAE boasts of a government funded comprehensive health care system along with rapidly advancing private health sector (Kronfol, 1999).
The most striking and important feature of UAE’s health care system is the role played by the Ministry of Health. The Health Ministry has been pivotal in evolving and developing a comprehensive system which is, in present time, at par with one of the most developed health care systems across the globe. In 1971, the UAE only had 7 hospitals and 700 beds. However, by the end of 2009, the number of hospitals had risen to approximately 100 and the number beds to nearly 2000 (EMRO, 2006). The MOH runs almost 40 hospitals, and nearly 10 are run by the Department of Health and Medical Services (DOMS).
Public & Private Healthcare System in UAE
The MOH has adopted a highly decentralized strategy for the provision of health care services in the UAE. The various departments under the MOH include The Department of Planning and Computers. This department is concerned with the formulation and development of nationwide health policies. Next is the Department of Primary Health Care (PHC), the Department of Nursing, and the Department of Dentistry. Although the government health care system in UAE is decentralized...

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