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Comparison Of 2 Articles On Global Warming And Climate Changes

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There is no doubt that our climate is changing rapidly. Scientists have been observing this change from the decades. Similarly a report conducted in recent year states that the global warming as a result of human made emissions of carbon dioxide is less than what we thought. The change is not so big but it is estimated that climate change will be positive for human being in future. The report also states that global warming induced by the increasing amount of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere, which happens in hundreds of years is most likely to be above 1 degree Celsius. While according to report by IPPC, it was going to be above 2 degree Celsius.

The scientists believe that global warming of less than 2 degree Celsius will not harm the economy and ecology of the world. According to a report the benefits of climate change will compensate the harm. Increased carbon dioxide level is a cause of increased growth rates of crops and the greening of the earth. When carbon concentrations are higher in the atmosphere, plants will grow faster and will need less water.

New reports claimed that ECS is lower than assumptions giving by the model studies. There is no doubt that carbon dioxide can cause global warming. New models put forward the assumption that carbon is increased by water vapor.

The effects of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere and level of global warming is overestimated by the new models. The heating is located in the depth of oceans, and the amount of measured carbon uptake is larger than what it actually is. Lastly, ocean uptake of heat and carbon has been slowing over the past eight years.

Article .2:
Panel Says Global Warming Carries Risk of Deep Changes
Global warming is on a rise possessing a risk of swift, radical changes on the earth’s ecosystems. A scientific panel put forward the observations that there are risks of the possible break up of polar sea ice, the probable for a massive extinction of plants and animals and the risk of enormous dead zones in oceans and seas. The climate change and global warming poses a risk of some drastic harmful changes on earth in future. The risks and threats include a sudden eruption of methane from the ocean will fry the planet. On the other hand, the climate change is estimated to shutdown the heat circulation in the Atlantic Ocean and will cause chill in nearby lands. The panel states that climate is changing in real, so it is going to increase continuously in coming centuries.

Many scientists believe that the human release of carbon dioxide has immensely changed the earth’s climate causing global warming. There is a hope that these changes will happen slowly enough that society can handle.

The panel released a document showing the need to mull over the fact that whether these changes will occur very suddenly to produce deep environmental damage. The greatest risk is rising global...

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