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Comparison Of 2 Speeches

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President Obama’s State of the Union Address and Governor Christie’s State of the State Address appear to compare and contrast to each other. The two speeches are similar in their rhetoric as during the introduction, both of them appealed to the people of their individual, separate governments. The two speeches were similar in specific topics that were covered by Obama and Christie. Obama and Christie highlighted the issues of education, job training, health care, job growth, the economy, and infrastructure investment. The two speeches not only outlined the successes and failures of the specific administration, but Obama and Christie also drew attention to specific individuals, whom were watching the address, for their part in the administration. Regardless, In both speeches, each speaker has stated that they plan to come back to their individual governments with acts, and bills, in the future to help plan a better tomorrow. Last of all, the two speeches were similar in their ways of drawing an applause from the audience. Obama and Christie both heaped praise upon the accomplishments of their governments, drew attention to specific interest groups in order to gain applause from the audience. These interest groups, however small in number, were high school students who were trying to get into college, including the parents who were trying to pay for the colleges; middle class citizens and the unemployed.
However, the two speeches also contract each other in their rhetoric of each speech. Obama’s speech began with examples to prove his point that circumstances in the United States had improved during the past year. He was specific in his examples, simply stating “this is where we have improved”. He made himself appear that he was committed to getting the American government back on its feet, and earning back the trust that had been lost in it. Obama appeared honest when he spoke about key issues in his speech, and he used these issues when he spoke of his plans to fix them , to present his actions as requisitive. Obama stated his position when he made it clear, in his speech, that he was eager for action, and would not...

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