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Comparison Of “A Secret Lost In The Water” & “Social Security” English 12 Assignment

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One does not realize what they have until they no longer possess it. In the case of both of the children in A Secret Lost In The Water, by Roch I Carrier, and Social Security, by Norah Holmgren, they learn the backgrounds, beliefs and gifts that their parents possess later in their lives, often when they have already passed away. The narrator in “A Secret Lost In The Water” neglects his father from a young age. When he starts going to school, “[his father] scarcely talked any more,” (1) illustrating the father’s disapproval of his decision. Nevertheless, the narrator continues on a path much different from his father’s. This is also depicted in “Social Security” when the narrator moves away from where she grew up: “I don’t live in the city any more. The sight of 10 000 cars a day began to get me down” (2). These two scenes demonstrate children wanting to be independent from their parents, not wanting anything to do with them. Towards the middle of action in both short stories, both narrators become more understanding of their parents, learning the traditional way of dowsing and becoming aware of their backgrounds and beliefs respectively. They are surprised and for the narrator in A Secret Lost In The Water, “[he] was stunned, as though [his father had] awakened [him] while [he] was dreaming” (7). Likewise in the other short story, the narrator is in awe that her mother would stand up for others and voice her displeasure with how the others in the social security office are...

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